CrosssFit KOP/Bridgeport Barbell Club T-Shirt Idea Contest

Do you have an awesome idea for a T-shirt? Been thinking about that slogan or quote that you'd love to rock?

Submit your idea (no need to draw or draft a graphic -just describe it) for the next CrossFit KOP or Bridgeport Barbell Club T-shirt to crossfitkop@gmail.com or "post to comments" by Friday, October 24th.

One submission per person. If your idea gets printed you will get a free shirt!


JZuck said...

Pumpin' Ain't Easy

(Image of guy doing barbell curls)


Aimee Lyons said...

only one :(
anyone else??

Dave N. said...

I e-mailed mine because I didn't know how to add an attachment on here.

Aimee Lyons said...

got it Dave. thanks!

Unknown said...

Emailed mine too:) -Steph C.