W.O.D. 10.6.14

Clean and Jerk


Every Minute on the Minute for 12 Minutes
1 Clean and 2 Split Jerks
...build in weight
...score is total weight

here are the rules:
You must go up after a successful weight, you cannot stay the same
If you fail at a weight retry or go down the next minute
Unlimited attempts are allowed within the minute
Minimum 5# jumps
Bar cannot touch the ground between jerks

“Live simply so others may simply live.” 
 ― Mother Teresa


CFKOP iPad said...

Ellie 165/95
Justin 105/95
Brian H. 165/155

Solid work and great progress on the split jerk.

Mike T.

Unknown said...

7 AM

Pete 195#/190
King 195#/165
Mark C 200# PR!/190
Alex 155#/135

Saw a lot of solid form and technique on the Jerks! Guys work on those Cleans though, remember to USE those hips. It's an issue that I have challenges with as well.

Aimee Lyons said...

Jen L 105# PR
Nick Z 170#/145
Jackie 135#
Kara 83#
Alejandra 75#
Jill A 125#
Jill H 95#
Manisha 70#

Stay upright in that dip and drive the knees forward and out. It will help with the Jerk!

Nice job 9:30 crew! We didn't (except Nick) records the weight we ended with.

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility

Kate F
Ryan A
Justin R

Remember that tomorrow Dr. Turner is going to be holding a mobility seminar during the 6:30 mobility class. Attending this class is a MUST if you desire to continue to improve and stay healthy throughout your life and CrossFit career

Keith B said...


Alona 110/100
Shawna 95/100(Clean+1 Jerk)PR
Jill C 110/100
Jason I 175/165
Denise W 93/80
Anne B 60/60
Josh P 180/155
Melissa M 93/108
Joe P 180/150


Conn 185/150
Derreck 210!/190
Luke 175/175
Matt B 225/180
Ryan A 210!/ :-)

Aimee Lyons said...

Giulia 145#/115#
Josh M 125#/135#
Pam 103/108#
Justin R 215/195
Regi 135 PR/ 115#
Rebecca 70/85#
Kate F 106 PR/100
Keith B 245
John Mcc 175PR/145