W.O.D. 10.7.14

3 Rounds for time of:
5 Muscle Ups
10 Squat Cleans (95/135#)
20 Box Jumps (20/24")

Community Notes:
DON'T FORGET...Dr Turner is joining us for a special mobility workshop tonight at 6:30PM. This is FREE for Members and Friends!

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved. 
– Helen Keller


Tim MaCann said...

If a creative person steals your idea, he’s killing his creative ability, if he steals your art, he’s killing his art, if he makes it available to the world, it won't create the impact you could have created, because it wasn’t from the right source.

Unknown said...

We are all met with difficulties, struggles, challenges and the like. These situations are are meant to not only test you, but build you. When you are comfortable with you and have begun to develop a solid level of self esteem, not just self confidence, life begins to take a whole new meaning. This is were the rewards begin to showup and the fruits of your labors really begin to payoff. Because it's not just the world and everything in it that's different, it's you that's changed. This journey, this process, this life is all abuot you and the person you are, are becoming and ultimately will be. Ask yourself are you happy with where you are going, who you are and the legacy you will leave behind. If the answer is 'NO' then there is no time like the present to start making the change.

Unknown said...

Alona 15:22 #75 RR Dip
King 11:40 PU Dip
Pete 11:22 PU Dip
Chris 15:45 #75 RR Dip
Mike S. 17:29 #75 RR Dip
Gina 13:00 #65 RR Dip
Mark R. 13:22 #95 RR Dip
Josh 16:03 #95 PU Dip
John 14:14 1MU/PU Dip

Everyone had different scales depending on ability and what they needed to work on. Most did 2 to 1 RR/PU and Dip focusing on false grip and form.

Paul S said...

Diane 10:42 Pwr RR Dip Step
Christ 11:40 #53 RR Dip Step
Kara 12:38 #63 RR Dip Step
Jonathan 10:12 #95 RR Dip
Barb 13:42 #65 RR Dip Step
Rich P. 11:45 #95 RR Parr
Rich A. 11:23 RX
Tatiana 9:54 #35 RR Dip

Paul S said...

Troy 8:56 #55 RR Dip

Keith B said...


Anne Br 13:34 step/rr/dipband
Giules 15:58 MUT
JZ 14:29 95 RR/dip
Justin 15:54 PU/dipband
Liza 13:05 55 RR/dipband


Bill :(~
Jeff 15:45 PU/dipband

Unknown said...


Dave N 23;22 135#/pu dip
Fayth 17:07 #55/ band/dips/. step ups
Michal 20:08 75# dips w/band
Rachel 18:34 95#/RR & dips w/band
Steph C 17:34 #55 dips w/band
Jess Ssss 14:55 #58/dipw/band

Tim P said...

Keith 12:51 Rx
Tim M 11:06 Rx
Shawna 13:20 (75)
Seshu 12:20 (115,
Josh 13:42 (65)
Jen Solt 11:08 (35#,13")
Alejandra 11:12 (45#, 20")
Ryan An 14:30 (115, dips)
Eric 12:46 scale
Ly 13:30
Marci ??