W.O.D. 10.20.14

Thank you to the judges, athletes and friends who made SuperFit Philly successful. CF KOP rocks!
Cate and Aimee came in 6th in the F/F RX and Keith and Jessi came in 6th in the F/M RX divisions. 

Thrusters (65/95#)

There is no better benchmark to start with than FRAN!  Depending on class size and athletes you will have a counter for this workout. Benchmark week will run through Sunday the 26th. 

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. 
- Walt Disney 


Samson said...

fran eh? At least i'll get my first fall 2014 cough out of the way, she's a bitch!

Unknown said...

Never let anyone wave their finger in your face and tell you how you must live your life. Be your own person, blaze your own path, step into your power and live the life you were meant to live.

Tim P said...


Brian H 6:40 (75#,band)
Chris L 9:05 (65, pvc, band)
Melissa W 7:45 (35#, rr)
Gina 8:08 (45#)

Stephanie Vincent said...

7am for Miranda
Farah 7:13 Band/65
Nick 7:41 Rx
Joe 7:28 65
Pete 5:37 rx
Alex 5:47 75

CFKOP iPad said...

Roman 7:24rx
Ryan s 8:59rx
Ly 5:21 35/rr
Eric 8:03 53fs/grnbnd
Justin 7:58rx
Alejandra 6:11 25/grnbnd
Rebecca c 5:35 25/rr
Keith 4:08 rx

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobiilty


Keith B said...


Pam 6:19 band
Josh Mc 6:46 65


Josh P 5:34 65
Bill 7:49 Rx
Jill C 8:48 band
Karen 7:22 35 band
Jen 6:59 35 band
Ryan A 11:39 band
Shawna 12:12 band
Alison 8:50 C+J 65
Alona 8:13 floss
Candi 13:38 band


Derreck 7:56 Rx
Dave N 12:49 band
Dave S 10:20 65 band
Stephanie 7:18 band 45
Rachel 8:57 Rx
Michal 8:54 45

Paul S said...

Jill A. 9:36 RX
Fran 6:33 25/band
Bre G. 7:21 35/band
Fugo 7:09 35/rr
Jackie 7:54 Band
Rich A. 4:02 RX
Manisha 7:47 35/Band
Darcy 7:17 35/Band