break the bar!

Dave on a 14.4 Re-do gets into the cleans!


Overhead Squat
Work up to a heavy single

Turkish Get Up (R/L)
Work up to a heavy single

record heaviest weight lifted for OHS and TGU

Cash out:
AMRAP in 8 Minutes:
1 Turkish Get up (R/L)
5 Ab-mat Situps
2 Turkish Get ups (R/L)
10 Abmat situps
3 Turkish Get ups (R/L)
15 Ab-mat situps….

“To succeed…You need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.”
- Tony Dorsett (NFL Runningback)


Miranda said...

Mark C 235# front squat/60 tgu

Open WOD:

Aimee Lyons said...

6:00 AM (from Mike T)
Steve Z 65#
KT 85#
Erika 90#
Tracy 100#PR! (it's a PR kinda week)
Gina 75# form
Brian 85#

9:30 AM
Mark H 125
Stacy H 100
Barb 53
Diane 175 PR! (takes a top spot on the PR board)
ChrisT (and flat Stanley) 78 PR!
Darcy 35# to 17" form
Jackie 100 (mama strong)
Jonathan (thanks for coming) :)
Jill 53
Kara 78 PR! (best I have seen in a long time Kara! Awesome)
Steph I 70
Lizzie 70

Great dedication to getting better at the 9:30 on form on the OHS...the mac daddy of all the squats. Remember the movements are a progression that builds upon each other so Air Squat-->Front Squat-->Overhead Squat....so you are punished if you have faults in the movements prior. Keep doing Wall squats! 25 a day.....

Dave N. said...

Before anyone else gets any ideas, I have already called dibs on Luke as my judge for 14.5. That kid is a counting machine! (And he draws smiley faces on your scorecard when you complete each section of the workout)

Aimee Lyons said...

3:30 -personal training
Justin 113--to 17" BOX--FORM

Unknown said...

5:30 mobility


Welcome back Sharon! Tonight we worked on improving the OHS (which really means we worked on everything). It's amazing how much progress you can make in just 1 hour. If you do this every day for 15 mins in just 1 week you would move like a different person, both in and out of the gym.

Keith B said...


Taryn 75 15 L/R
Arienne 40 15 L/R
Josh P 110 50 L/R
Tim H form 45L 40R
Manisha 45 15 L/R


Luke 155 60R 45L
Fabienne form 20 R/L
Johnny 175 55R 45L
Stephanie C 75PR 35 R/L
Conn 165 55L 45R
Seshu 95 30 R/L

Paul S said...

Ryan B. 285 PR
Marci 55 PR
Anne 50 PR?
Regi 140 FS
Sharon!!!!! Form

Nice job to Ryan on his 285 PR
Marci and Anne, much improved on that OHS
Regi, nice work on front squat, 140 was easy
Welcome back to one of my favs, Sharon!

Anddddddd we all need work on that Turkish get up coordination.