5:30PM crew--dedication on a Friday night...
WW takes a top spot tie with 1:29 on the 500M Row!

All for time
1000 Meter Row
(3 Rounds of)
15 Push-Ups
30 Air Squats
45 Double Unders
1000 Meter Row

Community Notes:
We will host the open wod 14.3 on Saturday starting at 9:00AM.  We will place you in heats based on arrival time.  We will also be hosting a Zella trunk show and post WOD brunch and snacks, bring some food to share and hang out.

There will be a 10:00AM CrossFit Kids "cubs" class on Saturday.

"Those who cannot remember the past are destined to repeat it."
-George Santayana


Paul S said...

Jonathan 16:32 RX
Rich 20:02
Fugo 18:02 DUA
Barb 24:20
Jill 18:15 SU
Stacy 19:32 DUA
Jackie 17:47
Allison B. 19:53
Kara 18:44
Christ 19:37
Fran 19:35

Stephanie Vincent said...

Becca ?
Steve T 23:52sc
Peterson 19:13rom
KT 16:59 rx
Wax 18:41 rx

Joe C 17:55rx

The first 14.3 scores...
Gina 96(5:23)
Tracy 93(7:14)
Mark C 110(5:05)Masters weights
Pete 111(4:39)
Chip 116 (4:59)
Mischa 90(6:50)

Aimee Lyons said...

wait is Mark C back...then I have to add him back into his team! AWESOME job so far everyone! did you jump or step?

Travis said...

Anyone have any thoughts on what will be best jump/step?

Gina Spinelli said...

I did step ups. I am so much faster doing those than box jumps. That is also because I biffed my leg on a box jump doing them with deadlifts so I am a little more hesitant now. Anyway, steps ups worked in my favor. :)

Unknown said...

Travis - I think stepping may be the call here. Are you working out tonight or saving yourself for tomorrow?

Travis said...

Working out at 3:30, come in Patrick!

Unknown said...

Trav - can't make it at 3:30 - maybe 4:30 if not 5:30

Travis said...

Thanks for the info Gina. I may do step ups in an attempt to save the back.

Paul S said...

Another 14.3 in the books.

Regi 92

PR on her Deadlift #155...
PR on her deadlift #185 for two.

Unknown said...

5:30 mobility

Tim H

Make sure that you mobilize before you do 14.3 tomorrow! Especially the glutes, hammies and calves.

Aimee Lyons said...

Nice job Regi!!! And kudos to WW for taking the top spot on the board in the 500m row!

Paul S said...

Pam 17:20 RX
Dianne 15:40
Travis 12:28 SC
Ronnie 16:31 SU
Patrick P. 12:58 SC

Good job today guys, Patrick and Travis saving themselves for tomorrow good call.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Marci 23:20 Snk/Su
Liza 22:14 Snk/Su
Josh 20:49 snk
WW :-) 500mRow 1:29 (#1!)

Eddoe 21:09sc
Manisha 21:52 sc
Fayth 21:58 sc
Jill C 21:52 sc
Steph I 18:11 sc