Welcome to Josh!!
 Ryan S
 Ryan B

400 Meter Run
15 reps, Shoulder to Overhead (75/115#)
2 Wall Ascents (6ft/8ft)
200 Meter Run
15 reps, Shoulder to Overhead (75/115#)
2 Wall Ascents (6ft/8ft)
200 Meter Run
15 reps, Shoulder to Overhead (75/115#)
2 Wall Ascents  (6ft/8ft)
400 Meter Run
15 reps, Shoulder to Overhead (75/115#)
2 Wall Ascents  (6ft/8ft)

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” 
-Tommy Lasorda


Jennifer Fugo said...

Yay, running is back!

Travis said...

This looks like a fun one and running outside at 60 degrees is a plus.

Megs said...

Hi Gang - 2 weeks ago I left my zip up grey Rogue hooide after a PT with jason at the box.....its not in the lost and found or hanging up. If you mistakenly grabbed it, can you please return it? Thanks!!

Laura Pappas said...

For TP - 6am class

Peter W - 13:57 Rx
King - 12:57 Rx
Luke - 15:24 6ft
Wax - 15:53 Rx
KT - 12:35 (65#)
Erika - 14:49 (65#)
Becca N - 18:48 sc

Paul S said...

Jonathan 12:32 RX
Leslie 18:27 SC
Zelda 20:48 SC
Kara 16:25 #55 SC
Diane 13:54 #75 SC
Kim G. 18:15 #65 SC
Jill H. 17:18 #55 SC

A nice little run today! Welcome to Zelda and Leslie who did their first wod today!

Paul S said...


I saw a small Rogue hoodie on the racks out front last week....

Aimee Lyons said...

I saw it out there too Megs!

Remember tomorrow is NEON DAY!!! Wear your BEST Neon!

Paul S said...

Barb 15:48 #60 SC
Bre 16:16 RX
Pam 13:30 RX
Audrey 20:15 #53 SC
Gavin 16:38 #80

Wax said...

Correction I did 95# not RX.

Keith B said...


Josh 17:56 75
Patrick 14:39 Rx
Tim H 18:39 95 6ft
Liza 17:25 35 6ft/box
Jason I 19:18 Rx


Many B 17:00 75 6ft/box
Alona 15:50 65
Jeff 14:51 Rx
Balmer 9:40 Rx

Balmer flew through this one. Nice job!! Welcome to Manny B on his first class!

Paul S said...

Steph C.
Lauren G.
Rachel W.

Everyone worked so hard nobody has a time or score. Great Job Girlz. Lolz.

Jason Lyons said...

Regi: 14:26 (53#)
Olan: 15:06 rx
Ryan S: 20:11 rx
Tim M: 13:25 rx
Ryan: 13:19 burpee pu
Travis: 16:57 (6')
Anne B: 16:46 (35# jumps)
Marci: 16:10 (35# jumps)
Dave N: 16:52 rx
Joe G: 20:16 climbs and burpee pu

Regi: first wall climbs!!!! Woohoo
Olan: spiderman on the wall
Ryan S: way to stick with the weight
Tim M: good job adjusting your push press
Ryan: only one to string all sto!!!
Travis: perfect form on pp in demo
Anne B: way to run!!!! Proud of you
Marci: tight pp and getting better every class
Dave N: fart...silent but deadly
Joe G: wall ascents were epic!

Today was awesome to coach. I loved the circle before class and the increased camaraderie. Well done. It was a true pleasurebto coach you all today,

Megs said...

Thanks aim and Paul! Hopefully it re-surfaces!!!

Samson said...

Travis's face is absolutely terrifying and i love it

Travis said...

WOW, I hope that was my last rep

Chris P. said...

awesome pic Travis