6:00AM Results

Kate cleans
 The Bar-bulls hit PR's


Cash out:
Four - 500 Meter Row intervals with 1:00 rest between rounds.  Record time to complete each round.

Community Notes:
Week one of the OPEN is finished, 14.1 is in the books.  We will be tabulating scores and determining your teams placement soon.  This week we will be running the OPEN WOD at ALL classes on Friday March 7th.  If you cannot make any of the Friday sessions, 6/7/9:30AM/12/3:30/4:30/5:306:30PM then please email and let us know what time you need.
CrossFit King of Prussia is hosting a Level 1 Seminar this weekend and ALL classes will be held in the Annex.

You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.
-Rosalynn Carter


Aimee Lyons said...

Shawna and Julius....email or text me your phone number and email to crossfitkop@gmail.com or 973-885-8728. Got some red team business :)

Jason Lyons said...

I sense something fishy...

namastasie said...

we have to log in again to comment?

Paul S said...

Kara 106 PR
Christ 103 PR
Diane 140
Jonathan 160 PR
Preston 225 PR
Jackie 115
Barb 85
Rich P. 155 PR

*Kara and Chris- Really worked hard today and pushed each other to break that 100lb mark.
*Diane and Jonathan- Well, Jonathan got you today....Lets just say you were tired from the 315 PR Back Squat last night.
*Preston- Dropping on from my favorite state, Maine. Welcome bro, good job on that PR today.
*Jackie- If the bar were any closer it would be in your unborn child's throat.
*Barb- Cleans looked great, we will work on that squat don't worry! You made the row your bitch.
*Rich- Good Job today man, way to get lower instead of leaving.

Gina Spinelli said...

Ha. Who tampered my results... my first row was 2:04. Not that I am going for the gold or anything, just an FYI :)

Chris P. said...

if your clean didn't go as well as you liked (or even if it did and you want to learn the minutest of the minute details of the clean AND jerk), I heard a coach is running a CJ clinic on March 30th...I also heard you can sign up here:


Unknown said...

Paul thanks for giving me an excuse..but lets just say the truth..i SUCK at cleaning..and Chris I was probably the first one to.sign up for the clinic

Aimee Lyons said...

Diane--I thought you were really good at "cleaning"???

Unknown said...

Aimee if I cleaned houses as horrible as I cleaned the bar I'd be broke and out of business!

Keith B said...

BALLS!!! The board got erased before I took my pic. I think your weights were:

Tim H 205
Shawna 85
Josh form

Stasie 65
Erika 135
Joe G 185

If you remember your Interval 500m row times please post to comments.

namastasie said...

my clean was 90# and my row splits were 2:32

Paul S said...

Jeff 255
Olan 195
Nick 195
Steve NY
Keith 305 FORM
Shannon 115
Audrey Form
Fayth 115 PR
Anne 95
Rachel 125 PR
Steph 100 PR
Joe C. 215 PR
Regi 115
Travis FO1R8M5
Ryan 345

Stephanie Vincent said...

Gavin 125, 158
Bre form 158
Stacy 110pr, 2:15
Lauren form, :)
Fran 55, 2:15
Pam form, 2:00

Tim H said...

I got 215.