14.1 Team Recap

2014 is shaping up to be the best year in the history of the Open.  Not only are there a record number of global participants, but we have started a brand new tradition....Internal Team Rivalries.  Five teams are fighting for the glory of being the best team at CF KoP.  Not only has this competition brought more camaraderie to the gym, it has increased the amount of fun everyone is having while virtually eliminating the stress associated with the Open.  The focus has turned from how do I place in the world to how does my team place in the gym...it is truly a great thing.

Week 1 brought us the first repeat workout of 2014.  When Castro was talking, I bet many people were getting ready for 7 minutes of burpees but out came 11.1 (10 min AMRAP of 30 double unders and 15 snatches).  The only thing this workout was missing was an operating table for the lung transplant when you are done.  For those that are proficient at double unders, you scored well because the weight was light.  For those that are not proficient at double unders, you got more and more upset and abused the bar when you finally got to it.  It is a little bit of a surprise for some because the workout starts with a fairly high skill movement.  Many people, particularly those new to CF may have spent 10 minutes trying to get their first double under.  Some many think this is poor programming but tell that to the people that actually did get their first DU...they are probably still smiling from ear to ear.  Now, with one WOD in the book, we will anxiously await what happens in 14.2.   Burpees, deads, box jumps?  Who knows what it will be but we can be assured that it will hurt but when all is said and done, we will be hugging and high fiving and having a great time.

Thank you for all that came to workout out or to support those that did.  The energy was once again off the charts and made for an amazing environment.  I am absolutely positive that everyone got a few more reps simply because there were lots of people screaming words of encouragement in their direction. For those of you who didn't have teams we added you to the below, there are a few of you who didn't enter your score but for purposes of our internal team competition you are still in it!   

Aimee 311 Tim P 299 Julius 265 Travis 220 Jen S 218 Ryan B 111 Shawana 67 Steve Z 1 Jonathan 237 SUM- 1729 AVERAGE - 192.1 

Green Jason 241 KT 290 Pete W 290 Kwon 234 Wax 185 Mike S 123 Tracey 110 Gina 136 Jen Fugo 128 Sue K 85 SUM  1822 AVERAGE -182.2 

Yellow Tobin 291 Alona 137 Flounder 116 Pam 97 McCan 135 Tre 229 Diane 90 Regi 145 Faby 272 SUM 1512 AVERAGE- 168.0 

Black Keith 265 Mark C 0 Dave N 103 Ditty 124 Jess C 218 Patrick 176 Olan 171 Laura 264 Miranda H 203 SUM 1524 AVERAGE- 169.3

Blue King 228 Justin R 258 John 90 Kelly 156 Andrea 301 Chip 174 Plentus 259 Westwood 180 Rachel W 106 SUM 1752 AVERAGE- 194.6


Chris P. said...


even though it might change the leaders, I think Mark C's 0 shouldn't count. He's hurt and it happened before the Open, so it's different than just not showing up and being lazy. Maybe it should count if he's going to come back and do the other workouts, but I don't think he is...


Kathleen said...

Yeah Steve Z., so glad you went back and worked to get that DU!!! Nice job Aimee and Mike T. looks like you took on 14.1 a second time to get a better score for your teams!

Jen S. said...

Woohoo Steve Z!!!!!