Welcome back Seshu!!

"Nasty Girls"
3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang power cleans (135/95#)

Community Reminders:
Don't forget about the Maltz Challenge on Friday 3/21 at all classes. At 12:00 Aimee will be coaching a special edition with some local visitors!

Join us on Saturday 3/22 at 9:00AM for 14.4 (the second to last OPEN WoD).  Heats based upon arrival, all members and spectators are welcome!

"Dreams can still come true; you need a great deal of energy and determination, and a little bit of luck."
-Stefano Gabbana


Tim P said...

Mike T 7:59 Rx
Brian H 12:13 (115,dips)
Peter W 9:50 (jmu)
Justin R 12:31 (trans)
Becca N 12:43 (sc,65)

Keith B said...

Travis is famous!!! I'm pretty sure he's not on Facebook so here is a link to his photo.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Pam 11:12 transitions/83
Gavin 12:50 mu attempts/75

Congrats to Gavin for getting his first muscle up today (and then a few more!)

Paul S said...

Kara 9:39 #65 SC
Christ 9:33 #65 SC
Jonathan 9:14 #95 SC
Rich 13:08 #95 SC
Lizzie 11:42 #50 SC
Zelda 12:19 SC
John M. 21:59 Band
Jackie 9:53 #75 SC
Fugo 10:14 #55 SC
Bre 8:14 2rnds SC
Diane 11:13 SC
Susan 11:46 SC
Fran 11:28 SC

Good job yo! Got Mr. Intensity in the 9:30 today, showed everyone what leaving it all out there means. Holy shit.

Travis said...

Awesome job today by Ryan S. who killed it doing bar muscle ups.

Paul S said...

Stasie 11:49 #55 SC
Rachel 11:43 #80 SC
Fayth 12:10 #65 SC
Seshu 11:58 #75 SC
Shannon 10:59 #55 SC
Britt 11:00 #55 SC
Dave 13:30 #95 SC
Brett 11:59 JMU

Paul S said...


Aimee Lyons said...

Marci: 14:26 (35# dips and pulls)
Regi: 10:24 (65# JMU w/o dip)
Ryan S: 10:07 (115# BMU)
Travis: 14:42 (JMU)

Marci: Form getting better every day, keep with it!
Regi: Commit to the transition
Ryan S: 115# is too light for you anymore.
Travis: Excellent intensity, keep it up.

Samson said...

Thanks Travis! I wish the rings were as easy. One day!

Jason/Aimee, i agree i should have RX'd the weight. 20lbs with a hang clean isn't a big jump.