W.O.D. 7.11.09
21-15-9 Reps for time of:
Deadlifts (225lbs/155lbs)
Handstand Push-ups
(compare to 3.26.09)

CF Games Athletes Rankings for Diane:
Diane Rankings - [Male] [Female]

Roaming Diane...[wmv][mov]

"Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile."
-Vince Lombardi

Doug 8:42

Scaled (either lighter weight, using the box or head not touching ground)
Liz (95#) 7:07
Mike B (225#) 3:47
Jim (225#) 7:52
Jeff (200#) 14:08
Shawn (185#) 8:10
Cindy (155#) 5:58
Meg (125#) 7:12
Charlie (225#) 5:00
Lisa (155#) 9:30
Han (155#) 4:24
Tim (225#) DNF
Mike F (225#) 3:55
Ed (200#) 8:44
Nicole (125#) 7:26
Chris S. (225#) 13:53
Kit (225#) 8:24
Alex (205#) 11:27
Kristin (95#) 5:49
Swine (225#) 9:15
Chris (205#) 12:02
Steph (125#) 9:35
Pat (40#) 6:00
Joe (225#) 9:30

1st Annual Bridgeport National Games

Event 1: 4.4 mile run through the hill of Bridgeport with 25lb Vest
Sam: 38:47 (1st Place)
Jason: 57:37 (2nd Place)

Event 2: Deadlift WOD from CF Games
Sam: 385 (1st Place)
Jason: 365 (2nd Place)

Event 3: 200 meter hill sprint (to turn around point on 400) with two 35# sandbags
Jason: 60 seconds (1st Place)
Sam: 61 Seconds (2nd Place)

Event 4: 500m row, 15 sledgehammer swings on 3 tires of varying height, 500m row
(The swings had to hit a target marked on the tire)
Jason: 5:18 (1st Place)
Sam: 5:54 (2nd Place)


Jason Lyons said...

Awesome work again everyone. Deads can be scary but you were all mindful of your form and did not get offended if we needed to drop you down. It takes a lot of courage to step the weight down and I am proud of those that did. We are all getting better on those dreaded HSPU. I see people using higher boxes, moving their hands in closer, touching their head every time and I also see those that use the wall making huge improvements. Great work. Time for the class all-stars. Once again, you all did great so it is hard to pick the special moments but here is what I saw...

1) Liz: One of the best dead forms of the day, great work

2) Doug: Full rx, simply the man

3) Jeff: Mindful of form and never compromising, your lady coach has taught you well. great weight bro!

4) Charlie: Fantastic form, you can clearly tell you have lifted before. excellent

5) Pat: Great listener and picked up form right away, went through entire workout in straight sets. Nice!

Tom said...

the kudos go to you and Sam. The 4 worksout you guys did are sick! How much rest did you give yourself between? Crossfit game 2010 better watch out for you two!

Jason Lyons said...

we typically rested between 30-40 minutes before wods. it was a fun time and sam and i are both looking forward to continuing tomorrow with 4 more.

i did the work but the class is where the inspiration comes from. wanting to quit and thinking of all of the people in the class that refuse to do so makes you keep going.

Meighan said...

Jas - so proud of you esp for that long run! I might have to find a way to come cheer you guys on again tomorrow!

Ray said...

I was with you in spirit, and did 4 at home:

WOD #1: 7.1 K Row 32:03

WOD #2: 21-15-9
65# Barbell Thrusters
20" Box Jumps
Time: 9:41

WOD #3:
25 Pull Up
50 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
50 Push Ups
25 Pull Ups
Time: 22:39

WOD #4:
200 M Uphill Sprint w/ racked
35# KB and a 20# DB
Time: 1:15

About 15 Minutes between WODs.

Awesome work Jason & Sam. I need to work back up on my deads. Maybe this week.