Way to push Jim!
W.O.D. 7.13.09
Back Squat
Warm up prior to back squats with
5 reps at (95#/65#)
3 sets of 5 at (115#/85#)
*scale warm up according to your ability
Following the Back Squats complete:
Weighted Push-ups

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."
~e.e. cummings

Mike F. 330, 175 PU
Miranda 165, 20 PU
Nikki 155, 70 PU
Kelly 95, 10 PU
Charlie 280, 55 PU
Jimbo 250, 65 PU
Scott 215, 125 PU
JZ 205, 70 PU
Kristin 115, 10 PU
Brian 225, 80 PU
Jeff 205x2, 70 PU
Swine ?
Aim 160
Chris (Iowa St.)185, 115 PU
Nicole 115, 25 PU
Cindy 135, 35 PU
Tom 260x1, 130 PU
Granny 135, 45 PU
Jill 135, 20 PU
Chris 250, 170 PU
Sam ?
Nick 160, 35 PU
Joe A. 280, 160 PU

Level 2
Heavy 100
20 Reps Each w/ 2 min. rest between exercises
Deadlift (295#/195#)
Shoulder Press (115#/80#)
Back Squat (225#/155#)
Clean (155#/105#)
Weighted Pull-up (25#/10#)

Doug (225# DL, 205# BS) 20:39
Aim (70# SP) 23:23
Lisa (80# SP, 120# BS) 31:56
Joe (Rx) 21:26
Tim (Rx) 17:32
Sam (Rx) 20:13
Jason (95# SP) 26:12


Joe A said...


I may be signicantly late for the 6:30 PM class as I may get out of work late. I really want to do squats though so I'll do my best to be there at a reasonable time.

Jason Lyons said...


Sam is doing a "strength" metcon tonight at 7:30 so feel free to come to the Level 2 class.

There will be back squats in his workout so you will get them in.

Joe A said...

7:30 sounds good

Appalachian Athlete said...

Hmmm, a metcon with back squats. Interesting. I was looking forward to those wtd pushups, though.

Joe or anybody else: got any CFing friends in State College? Or, say, an empty garage with 15' ceilings and a rubber floor in State College?


Joe A said...


Titan Fitness center, Lionheart gym, and Victory fitness and sports performance all have bumper plates, and I know Victory performance has kettlebells and other equipment perfect for crossfit.

I usually pay like $10 to visit victory not sure what the other gyms require. If your going to be in town check those places out you can just google them.


No crossfitting friends unfortunately though. But if your there in town check these places out.

Jason Lyons said...


you seriously may want to consider opening your own place if you move out there. there are no cf gyms in the area and you may hit a gold mine with all of the student population. go to a cert and open your own place. you are surely talented enough and your form is always spot on. something to think about. career changes can be interesting.

Miranda said...

If anyone is interested in joining JZ, Meg and myself Thursday evening at 5pm we will be doing the Max Deads WOD from last week. Just let me know.


Unknown said...


I used to workout at Victory Sports Performance in State College for Rugby, great people there, and you can probably do most CF workouts with their equipment. Also, I agree that State College is a great place for an affiliate to open up, and I would be more than willing to let the men's and women's rugby teams know that it is available if you do.

Sorry for my prolonged absence, I was coaching a rugby camp at Penn State, just got back last night, and I've never been this exhausted in my life. Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Nicole said...


My back is still really sore. Can I do tonight's wod or should i skip it?

Nikki said...

Miranda - I'll know by tomorrow night whether or not I have frisbee on Thursday. If i dont, I'd love to join you for the max deads! After seeing the numbers the women were putting up at the games, I realize I need some serious deadlifting help!

Jason Lyons said...


It tonights WOD, Form is absolutely critical. I will have everyone practice their squats against the wall to assure that they are upright when they squat. If you are not upright when you do a backsquat and the weight is too heavy, it is very hard to bail and you can get seriously hurt. I will also have everyone practice bailing with your warm-up weights. If your back is really sore, I would not do the workout as prescribed. Why don't you come and roll on the foam roller and practice form with one of the light bars?

Nicole said...

Sounds good! See ya soon!

Hannah said...

i should probably know this, but the site didn't say...
is there noon class on thursday and friday this week???

Aimee Lyons said...

Yes there's 12:00 noon class wed, thurs and friday, I just landed and my magic fairy hasn't updated the schedule, will do tonight :)

Jason Lyons said...

Thanks for letting me coach you for a few days while Queen Bee was away. She is back and you are all back to your normal schedules. My final All-Stars are...

1) Charlie: Great form yet again on yet another lift. Way to go!

2) Nicole: Way not to give up after yesterday, glad to see you back

Overall, great lifts people and don't forget to practice your bails as eventually everyone needs to do it.

Mike F said...

As much as I would like to take credit for a 175 PU, it was 125. Forgive my poor handwriting.