W.O.D. 7.9.09
5 rounds:
Max Knees to Elbows
Max Thrusters (65#/95#)
Your score is the total amount of Knees to Elbows and Thrusters for all 5 rounds.
Rest is allowed as needed between rounds.

There will be NO Noon class today!

...something from Matt Furey:
Find a selection of champion athletes and coaches.
Ask each one this question: How much of your success is mental...?

Now, when you get out of bed, are you tired or enthusiastic.
Do you hit the snooze button a few times before getting up.
Do you stroll to the shower with your eyes barely open ordo you move with excitement for the new day that has dawned. As you answer all of the above, think about the mental picture you have in mind for each. Why. Because I guarantee you that the way you get out of bed is in direct accord with the mental picture you have of yourself waking up each day. All the way down to the TIME you choose to get up.
Think about this.
Think about it before you go to bed tonight. Picture yourself getting up early to exercise.
Picture yourself looking in the mirror at the end of your workout, celebrating another mental/physical victory.
I dare you to form this mental picture before bed and NOT have it come true. I dare you.
When you do as I advise, you will know what it means to ...Get Tough.

...why I always loved NYC!!
"NYC," Gillian Mounsey - video [wmv] [mov]

"Satisfaction does not come with achievement, but with effort. Full effort is full victory."
-Mahatma Gandhi
Sam (135#) 126
Tom (95#) 100
Meg (50#) 108
Doug (95#) 127
Adam (95#) 129
Steph (50#) 74
Jim (95#) 103
Liz (40#) 127


Ray said...

Holy smokes! Did you see that teaser video of Event 1 at the games. Looks like a 5K trail run with some serious elevation changes. Doug, get out there.

Aimee Lyons said...

looks like it took Castro 40+ mins...what a burner...yeah, look for a good ole trail run in the next month once I get back from Aromas.

Jason Lyons said...

Awesome work this morning class. It is nice to see sweat stains and panting when it is NOT a metcon. Way to push yourself during every aspect of CF. It is hard to pinpoint any one all-star this morning but this that stood out for me are:

1) Liz getting 21 thrusters. Way to go girl, well on your way to mastering good ole fran
2) Sam pushing the envelope with 135# thrusters
3) Steph pushing through with the heavier weight...remember to explode on the way up girl.

Awesome efforts everyone, see you tomorrow.

Appalachian Athlete said...

Ray, I actually do have some trail runs planned for next week while camping. The main one is the 'thousand steps' up near Huntingdon, PA, which is about 1000' of elevation in maybe a mile or so. And I hope to do it in the dark just to keep it interesting. I'm gonna time it and then try and beat that time this fall.