Mikko Salo-Fittest Man on the Planet 2009!

Jason Khalipa-2008's Fittest Man!

Look at that pull!

Blair Morrison:
7th in Aromas, 2nd at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Qualifier

Solid Snatch Blair!!
W.O.D. 7.16.09
As Many as possible in 15 minutes:
3-rep Push Press plus
Max Pull-ups in 3 attempts
Your score is the total of the highest Push Press weight + 3 attempts of Pull-ups.

(especially the Ladies!!)

"Helen Get your Gun" by Wilson Galyean - video [wmv] [mov]

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."
-Muhammad Ali

Meg 100
Sam 205
Aimee 168
Kel 117
Dan 221
Ray 181
Patti 109
Han 128
Tim P. 179
Nikki 131


Ray said...


Please please please let us do this WOD! I will supply the firearms. Kimber Tactical .45 Auto for the men. Glock 17 9mm for the ladies.


Cindy said...

Great article and an awesome link to a YouTube video on squatting ... thanks Aimee!

Aimee Lyons said...

Ray-love that vid...I posted it on the blog. Bring the guns and it's on...you never know what we will see next year at the games??? Although will the Bridgeport cops show up if we test it out at the box?? hummmmm...mabye we need a field trip to the range for this one.

Ray said...

Lower Providence Gun Club in Audubon has defensive pistol tactical shooting competitions. I wonder if I can convince them to up the stakes a little?


Bed Time WOD:
500 M Row
21 190# Bench Press & Sit Ups
500M Row
15 190# Bench Press & Sit Ups
500 M Row
9 190# Bench Press & Sit Ups
Time: 11:48

Hope to get there at noon.

Anonymous said...

Im so in for the WOD just my kind of style. Maybe a combat vest can be adapted for a level 2 WOD


Miranda said...

What's the WOD? I can't see it at work! I'm in for whatever you guys got. Does it require shooting a gun? I think i can handle that

Aimee~great article, very informative and the videos were awesome! more videos!!!!

Jill said...

MMMMMMMMM Blair Morrison is a hotty!

Miranda said...

yeah he is Jill. We are so going to the next games!!!!!!

Meighan said...

Putting pictures of some of these boys on the fridge and cabinets....that's motivation to eat right and workout!

Jason Lyons said...

beauty is much more than skin deep ladies. these men may look great now but when you are 60 and everyone has shown signs of age, are you going to enjoy laughing with them?

Men with no 6 packs rule! Long live beer and bad genes!!!

Anonymous said...

when will women learn that men aren't just piece of meat. we are to be respected for our minds, our desires and our heart.

Curin said...

the questions remains why do men always date the skinny chicks with no personality!!! i love me some meat :) thats why HOT girls crossfit! i agree with you Jason...will you be able to laugh with them when you are 60 and will they change your depend when your 80.....

Anonymous said...

oh boy...


Unknown said...

I was jealous of that Level 2 WOD from Monday, so I did it today... it was a doozy, but one of my favorites thus far. 20:41, Rx except for the pull-ups (didn't have a weight belt to add the 10#). I'll see you all tomorrow (and Aim, keep the hot man-meat pics coming please...)

Ray said...

Skinny does not get it unless you are like Ripley or Sarah Conner skinny.

Strong, courageous, and intelligent women have a higher probability of ensuring the survival of the species in the coming hard times and ensuing zombie attack.

Jeff, am I correct on this point?

Jeff said...

Ray, you are absolutely correct. Not only can strong, fit women run away from zombies faster than others, but they can more effectively wield the various blunt and/or pointy weapons needed to kill the zombies (kill the brain, kill the ghoul) and thus insure the survival of the human race. Man, I've seen way too many zombie movies.

Also, as the recipient of a fair number of questionable genes myself, GO JASON!

Tom said...

score for today 170 push press 4 pull ups. 174 total score. gotta work on those pull ups.

Jason Lyons said...

the get your gun thing is pretty cool. from the one time i went to a driving range though, i would have 300 misses and i would probably still be there. i am an AWFUL shot. duck hunt did not prepare me for anything.

Scarlet said...

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