12:00 Noon Class
7:00AM Class
W.O.D. 7.03.09

Run, Tire Flips, Rope Climb, Ring Dip Team Races:
There will be two teams of 5 (more/less) depending on how many athletes come to class. Both teams will head out together on an 800 M run. Both teams will return to the rope, rings and tire. Each team will need to complete 1 tire flip, 10 ascents, 50 ring dips (together). The team that completes their assigned tasks wins...but wait there is MORE!

As each athlete comes in from the run, they may only make ONE contribution to the teams total (for example, one rope assent or one set of ring dips) and then must complete a 400M run. Contributions to the total may be made as athletes re-enter the gym from the run. A final 800M run must be completed as a team before that team "wins". BIG tire flips will be done as a team.

Failed attempts-Each athlete that fails to ascend the rope on his or her turn adds 1 to the number of ascents required. Each athlete that cannot contribute any dips on his/her turn adds 5 to the number of dips required.

Duration- The competition will continue for 30 Minutes...after 30 Minutes the team closest to their tire flip, dip or rope climb requirements wins!!!

Classes at 7AM and 12Noon ONLY!!
Scaling will be discussed at class, we are trying to focus your efforts on things we don't get to work on often...that NEED work!

"Randy" by LAPD SWAT - video [wmv] [mov]
"A day of Eating:Speal" from the CrossFit Journal.

“If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on.”
-Lance Armstrong


Appalachian Athlete said...

Ray, you're right, I do like Rollins' "200 lb quote".

But Twight makes an interesting point about quality and since he starts with the same quote, check out his essay:

Hannah said...

i need granny to climb the rope for me. can she be on my team!?!

Ray said...

Thanks for that Doug. I like Twight's standards, and he is right. Disciplined adherence to a standard range of motion is the only way to maintain a valid performance measurement system.

Did this at home Thursday night:
21-15-9 of the triplet; 75# SDHP, Pull Ups, Dips. Time: 13:00.

Hope to get there Friday.

Megs said...

Awesome job, Jen S!! Only only did you do your first you did your first three all in one day!!

Chris P. said...

Too bad Jim's duct tape didn't make the picture!

Aimee Lyons said...

yeah, never quite got a shot of that...Not sure now which is a more fitting nick name for Jim, "Hot Wheels" or "Duct Tape"???? Survey is out...