Nice Snatch Devil!!

W.O.D. 7.19.09
5 rounds for time of:
6 Power Snatch 115/75 lbs
10 Box Jumps 24" box
(weight and box height will be scaled according to ability)

Tanya Wagner, 2009 CrossFit Games Champion - video [wmv] [mov]
Mikko Salo, 2009 CrossFit Games Champion - video by CrossFit by Overload [wmv] [mov]

Notes on the Snatch:
The Snatch can greatly enhance athletic performance; thus, I recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve his game in whatever sport you happen to play. No matter what motion you require, a great majority of your strength will come from your core muscles and your legs. This exercise is one of the best "all-body" lifts for you to perform that hits both of those groups pretty hard. Because of that, this exercise can improve your athletic performance quicker (and greater in the long run) than almost any other out there for you to perform.

"Olympic lifts are like jumping from one rooftop to the other — you either make it, or you don't."
-Joe Senate, an Olympic lifter

Chris 75# 5:21
Kristin 35# 9:58
Paul 115# 10:55
Lisa 95# 14:20
Jason 135# 12:14
Laura 55# 9:09
Scott 95# 7:48
Tim P. 95# 7:20
Mike B. 115# 7:37
Meg 50# 7:59
Aimee 85# 7:28
CP 65# 7:42
Devin 95# 9:39


Chris P. said...

way to use 95# Lisa!

Chris P. said...

and Devin too! and Jason using 135#, just awesome

TP said...

Jason- great job on the 135lbs Snatch today, and working through to keep form all the way. Lisa- nice RX;d!