Chris and his cleans...
we have moved past the reverse curl and press!
Job well done Chris!

W.O.D. 7.07.09
Lucky Seven Cleans
Clean and Jerk:
go for your 1 rep max rep clean and jerk.
Warm up with...
3 reps at 65#/35#
5 reps at 95#/65#
3 sets of 5 at 135/95#

Tabata Muscle-ups/Clean & Jerks (Annie)...[wmv][mov]

"Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another."
-Marquis de Condorcet

Laura: 90
Mike F: 195
Jon: 120
Nikki: 105
Nicole: 105
Curin: 125
Jeff: 130
Nick: 245
Brian: 140
Paul: 175
Lisa: 125 (clean only)
Miranda: 120 (clean only)
Kelly: 75 (80 clean only)
Kristin: 85
Patti: 60 (65 clean only)
Doug: 210
Jason: 200
Ed: 150
Mike B: 195
Chris: 195
Jill: 95 (clean only) 90 jerk
Jen S: 95 (clean only) 90 jerk
Pat: 40
John K: 145


Jeff said...

Time to break out the new Chucks!

Ray said...

You will run faster, jump higher, and throw huge iron in the air. Get some brother!

Jason Lyons said...

Just for fun and to cause pain to my body and mind, I will be doing all 5 of the workouts listed for day one of the games on Saturday after the normal classes. I will rx them as best I can. I obviously can't do muscle-ups of GHD work but besides that, I should be able to make a go at it. If you are interested in joining me or watching and laughing, I would welcome it. Afterwards, we can eat lots of bad food and drink because we will probably have burnt 5000 calories. Let me know.

Meighan said...

Sounds fun Jason. You are an animal!

Scott M said...

Jason, Im definitely in good buddy sign me up Im up for some pain with you all day. It sounds like a blast if you ask me.

Ray said...

The perfect B-Day gift for the 48 year old:

48 Bodyweight+ Bench Press (190 lbs)
48 Burpees
48 Sit Ups
48 Push Press
48 Pull Ups

Time: 31:39

Burpees were fun after those bench presses!!

Jason, I might be down for some of that on Saturday.

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Ray!

Kit said...

Happy Birthday Ray....Rah!

Semper Fi

Joe D said...

Well, Aimee, reading this blog has motivated me into dragging my carcass out to a local gym instead of soaking in the hotel hirlpool. I did this:

Grace: 115#, 8 minutes
Dumbell snatches:
10L, 10R, 50#
10L, 10R, 60#
5L, 5R, 70#.
C&PP: 135 x 3
325x a double and 3 singles.

Hannah said...

happy birthday ray! keep up the good work from home, i don't know how anyone has that kind of motivation! good work!

Aimee Lyons said...

Joe D...I love when my blog provides you with that motivation...awesome work!! Keep it up!