How often do you look at the clock during a WOD?

W.O.D. 7.30.09
Rowing F-U-N!
Row 500M x 4
Rest approximately 2 minutes between attempts.
The goal is to maintain the same pace for all 4 attempts.


*We are participating in this fundraiser!! I have registered a Team for CrossFit King of Prussia. It will occur on 9.26.09, so mark your calendar! Details to follow, ideas for fundraising are also welcome.

Another video:

"The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving."
-Albert Einstein

Sam 1:36/1:40.5/1:40/1:40
Aimee 1:54.2/1:56.4/2:00.4/2:04
Meg 2:12/2:13/2:09/2:12
Doug 1:36/1:50/1:48.2/?
Swine 1:39.6/1:39.9/1:41.4/1:42
Jim C. 1:36/1:39/1:50/1:42.5
Mike F. 1:46/1:54/1:57/1:57
Gina 2:22/2:22/2:26/2:33
Dan 1:37.2/1:39.9/1:43.3/1:45.8
Scott 1:38.4/1:39.2/1:46/1:44.7
Ed 1:56.7/1:57.3/1:54.4/1:52.5
Pat 3:01/2:51/2:52/2:45


Unknown said...

I wasn't even looking at the clock. I was looking at...um...;)

Ray said...

I might have peaked.....once.

Scott M said...

You can count me in for this fund raiser as well as the workout. Looking forward to it.

Unknown said...

Hey all,

Just wanted to check in, haven't fallen off the face of the planet. I'm keeping up with workouts in my absence, last night did a rugby sprint workout:
150m sprint, 50m jog, 50m walk x5; 100m sprint, 50m jog 50m walk x4; 50m sprint, 50m jog, 50m walk x3 = 16:48

Played coaches v. Campers tag rugby today, and those high school boys ran us ragged, but old age and treachery prevails! See you all soon!

Chris P. said...

rest day

Day 4 Burpee Challenge - complete

Kit said...

I did yesterdays workout and todays workout separated by some handstand work...

131 on the deadlift burpee workout. my buddy did 114. Rx'd

for the rows i warmed up then started pulling. the C2 has an option to do 500m w/ a 1 min rest, so i used that as my rest instead of the 3 min.

2:02/ 1:55/ 1:49/1:41

added some jumping muscle ups on rings and deep ring pushups.

Anonymous said...

Fundraiser idea: this may not yield alot of money, but would get alot if people to donate. Ask them to pay a penny per point scored. If an top female score is around 300+ and male in the upper 300 or 400, you made $3-4. It may not seem like alot, but I think every little bit helps....and you would find alot of people willing to contribute and who would round the $3-4 up to a $5.