Liz hitting a handstand.
Sam promoting good nutrition.

W.O.D. 7.01.09
Enjoy your day off, hit the beach, go for a hike, find a pool, swim, bike...walk in the park, picnic, kayak, climb a tree, read a book. Get outside...Stay inside do what you like, but make sure to take a little time for yourself!

@ CrossFit King of Prussia 10-3PM Today.

"He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul's estate."
-Henry David Thoreau


Hannah said...

hit up a local gym today, got some stares! i heart crossfit. some guy asked me what sport i do? lol. "i dont sport, i crossfit asshole!"

Ray said...

My sister.......you so bad ass.

Chris P. said...

“On Your Marc” 5k race in honor of soldier Marc Small, who died in Afghanistan 6 months ago. Information can be found here: http://www.lowerprovidence.org/documents/PR-20090801OnYourMarcRegistration.pdf <—WFS

mile 1 - 6:16
mile 2 - 6:31
mile 3.1 - 6:57


7th place out of 520+
2nd place in Men’s Division 20-29 yo

Day 6 of Burpee Challenge - complete

Swine said...


You should have said "MY SPORT IS CROSSFIT ASSHOLE!"