Who's new?
Let's welcome Steph and Ed!
Oh, wait, Ed's not new...he's just back for more. Some of you may already know Ed...he happened to be at one of our very first CrossFit classes. Click here for the memories.

W.O.D. 6.23.09
Over Head Squat

Don't you wish you started CrossFitting as a kid????

CrossFit Kids: "Naughty Kids" by CrossFit Snohomish - video [wmv] [mp4]

Would you like to see a Thursday 12:00 Noon class on the schedule?

Bill Bowerman:
All my life, man and boy, I've operated under the assumption that the main idea in running was to win the race. Naturally, when I became a coach I tried to teach people how to do that. Tried to teach Pre how to do that. Tried like hell to teach Pre to do that. And Pre taught me. Taught me I was wrong. Pre, you see, was troubled by knowing that a mediocre effort can win a race and a magnificent effort can lose one. Winning a race wouldn't necessarily demand that he give it everything he had from start to finish. He never ran any other way. I tried to get him to, God knows I tried... but... Pre was stubborn. He insisted on holding himself to a higher standard than victory. 'A race is a work of art'; that's what he said, that's what he believed and he was out to make it one every step of the way.

Bill Bowerman: Of course he wanted to win. Those who saw him compete and those who competed against him were never in any doubt how much he wanted to win. But how he won mattered to him more. Pre thought I was a hard case. But he finally got it through my head that the real purpose of running isn't to win a race. It's to test to the limits of the human heart. That he did... Nobody did it more often. Nobody did it better.

Steve Prefontaine: I don't want to win unless I know I've done my best, and the only way I know how to do that is to run out front, flat out until I have nothing left.


Kelly G. 45
Nikki 80
Patti 30
Curin 100
Mike F. 125
Ed 85
Paul 135
Miranda 100
Jeff 105
Steph 95
Sam 165
Jill 60
Jon 115
Nicole 75
Aimee 120
Jim C. 130x4
Jen S. 70 x 2
Joe A. 165 x 2
Cindy 45 x 3
Jen B. 95 x 2


Unknown said...

Vote YES for the Thursday noon class!

Jill said...

OHS=my arch nemesis

Jen B. said...

I'll do a noon class!

Ray said...

Yes, Thursday noon would be great!