The following is the list CFKoP Athletes for Saturday, with Rx or Scale behind your name. Please post to comments if I missed anyone or if I have incorrectly indicated weather or not you would Scale/Rx.

Saturday's Athletes:

Aimee Rx
Jason Rx
Lisa Rx
Joe A. Rx
Mike M. Rx
Jon Z. Scale
Hannah Rx
Tim M. Rx
Cindy Scale
Jeff Scale
Miranda Rx
Paul Rx
Ray Scale
Sam Rx
Meighan Scale


Miranda said...

Does this mean no band??????
Guys just save me a jello shot and start the party with out me!

Danielle said...
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Danielle said...

Danielle- RX
(I will have to leave at 12:30 to go to a bridal shower...sorry)!

Jason Lyons said...

How strict are people going to be on the chest to bar pull-ups. I know it is only 4 but this will suck.

Jason Lyons said...

The only reason I mention that is because if we have counters not from the gym, the athlete should tell them before they start whether or not they can do chest to bar. I would not like to see an athlete doing pull-ups that are not being counted.

Also, I know it will not matter for anyone in our group because we will be thinking about pong but if you are going to rank everyone at the end, do the regular pull-ups get listed with the chest to bar pull-ups? Again, I could care less so don't get mad at me but I am playing devils advocate. Maybe the standard should just be regular pull-ups?

Jim Curran said...

is the team WOD chest to bar as well?

Miranda said...

Yeah, I can't do CTB pull-ups, I just finally got the kip down, but just barely get my chin over its more like my chin touches it. Can I go in the last heat please?

Cindy said...

Chest to bar even with my black band is not happening so please don't tell me my feeble pull ups won't count!

Jason Lyons said...

Your pull-ups will definitely count everyone. I did not mean to start a panic or controversy. We are all going to have fun and that is the most important thing. I was just trying to assure that if someone is listed as "Rx" that their counter knows whether or not they will be doing chest to bar.

Jim: Trevor is definitely NOT chest to bar.

Jill said...

Hey Aimee I want to participate but scale the WOD...can i do the team WOD??

TIM M said...

I guess I should be scaled then. I cant do C2B.

Jason Lyons said...

I have definitely stirred the pot and I will get yelled at by Aimee later. I don't think the word scaled or Rx means anything as long as the counter knows what to expect. I would recommend one of two things to make it as simply and free flowing as possible.

1) Have chest to bar people go first, followed by kippers, followed by banders


2) Just say everything non band is rx but do chest to bars if you have them

Meighan said...

Aimee - do you and Lisa have a final list of what you still need for Saturday?

Aimee Lyons said...

WHOA there Jason Lyons, way to get everyone fired up! Okay gang, first of all, off topic...The new ladies shirts are in and very cute! $30 each. We should wear them on Saturday!!

WOD calls for Chest 2 Bar Pullups and a heavy dead, that is Rx like the standards say. I have to admit when I put either Rx or Scale next to your names, I was referring to the Deadlift weight because that is what will determine the heats which I place the athletes in and how smoothly we flow through the heats. Weather you scale or not does NOT matter and yes it will count no matter what you do, black band jumpping pullups,etc. It is always scalable that's why we love CrossFit.

Remember we aren't in Aromas and we are just getting together for a fun filled day of WOD's, Food, Drinks and of course the Beer Pong Tournament...with local CrossFitters while we support Lisa and the Fallen Heroes Fund.

I'm super excited, we have a huge amount of raffles and people attending and the weather is supposed to be sunny.

Thank you all for everything you have done so far and are willing to do on Saturday. Set up starts at 7:50AM if you are interested and I will have a list to delegate.

Meg-We might need some Ice...and some burgers and dogs...but I think we are pretty much covered. If you have something in mind that you think we should have bring it...and incase you haven't heard, In true Philly style, Geno's steaks is donating Cheese Steaks....

Meighan said...

Aimee - I'll get the fruit and get some meat! I can run and get ice Sat if we need it. Call me or text me if you think of anything else.!

Love the t-shirt idea. I'm in

Ray said...

Lay down the standard sister. It is what it is. For me, I shall scale. 225 or ladies weight (which is no joke) or whatever you set before me. Whatever is easier to set up. 9 rounds with the rest of the requirements will be a challenge, so it is all good.

Trevor? Just get some....damnit!!