W.O.D. 6.12.09
...from our friends at CF East County.

"Three for the Price of One"

AMRAP in 10 minutes of each triplet:

10 WallBalls 20#/14#
10 Burpees
10 Double Unders

Rest 3 minutes

3 Pull-Ups
6 Push-Ups
12 Squats

Rest 3 minutes

3 Deadlift 75#/55#
6 Front Squat
9 Split Jerk



"True prosperity is the result of well-placed confidence in ourselves and our fellow man."
Han: 5, 6, 8
Meg: 5, 10, 7
Granny: 5, 13, 7
Sam: 5, 16, 7
Joe: 3, 8, 4
Jim: 4, 8, 5
Kevin: 4, 10, 4
Dan: 4, 13, 7
Lisa: 6, 15, 9
Jason W: 5, 20, 8
Tim P: 9, 16, 7
Laura: 9, 13, 7
Charlie: 4, 8, 4
Erin: ?, 8, ?
Doug: 4, 17, 8
Kelly: 3, 10, 5
Patti: 4, 13, 7
Dev: 5, 12, 9
CP: 4, 12, 7
Miranda: 4, 10, 8
Paul: 6, 14, 6
Jon: 5, 12, 5
Nikki: 6, 13, 5
Jen B: 4,10, 5
Liz: 3, 9, 5
Jeff: 5, 12, 6
Nicole: 5, 10, 3
Mike F: 7, 9, 3
Chris: 5,11, 6
Mike: 5, 9, 3
Jill: 5, 10, 5


Appalachian Athlete said...

THIS looks like FUN! Especially the last round. Can't wait, I'll be there at noon.

This would have been a good one for a series of "surprises". Have us do the first 10 min WOD, then Surprise! that's not it, you have one more 10 min WOD! "Suck it up sissies, you can handle it," then when that ones done: HA! Surprise! there's actually ANOTHER 10 minute WOD. And we wouldn't really be sure if it was done or not until we drove away.

Sure, that would kinda border on abuse, but it would be good training for just taking it one minute, one exercise, one rep at a time and not get focused on the sometimes overwhelming volume.

Nikki said...

Reminder to self: Dont let Doug lead WODs! LOL your post made me crack up...

Not sure if I'll be at the noon or 5:30, but I'll be there!

Nicole said...

HAHA @ suck it up you sissies! Thanks for the laugh this morning Doug!!

Nicole said...

CF East County mentions our shirts!! YAY!

Jason Lyons said...

sooooooooooooo sleepy

Jen S. said...

I'm really bummed I'm going to have to miss this workout. It really looks like a good challenge. Maybe I should tell my new roommate that she should move in Sunday instead of today!

Nicole are you going? If yes, be an angry elf for me and finish the workout - no whining. ;)

Aimee Lyons said...

I guess in the future I'll change the name of this one to "suck it up sissies!!!" NICE Doug!

Ladies, I will order some more shirts...who needs one yet, and what size?

Gentlemen...have we decided on an new shirt? or did you want the ladies slogan?

Tim M...I know you are busy but maybe some new art would be good on the new T-Shirts? The first ones were awesome!

CF East County is awesome, its run by some amazing people, Paul and Lisa! I will have to send them out some shirts after we get the next run printed. They were there for me when I went to Cali and my car was towed...and all the other mishaps, haha! Lisa went out of her way to drive me all the way to Brand X and pick me up the same day, not to mention waiting at the tow yard for like an hour....

Curin said...

Aimee I would like a shirt.....how do the sizes run? big or small?

cant make it till tomorrow so good luck to all with this workout!

Jen S. said...

Totally unrelated to CrossFit, but I have 2 tix to give away for tomorrow's XTU concert. They are free. Big Headliners are James Otto, Zac Brown Band, Phil Vassar, Kellie Pickler and Big & Rich. Let me know if you want to go.

TIM M said...

I will try to get some art work together once Hannah and I get settle in the new house. A lot going on but I will be sure to get something together. I am itching to create something.

Nicole said...

Jen S, I will be there tonight. I can't promise no whining, yelling or screaming. Sometimes all that gets me through the wod. :) haha

Miranda said...

Nicole can I grab that dvd from you tonight?

Has anyone ever done a WOD after donating blood? They told me I was only allowed to walk?!?!? WTF is that, that's not a workout!

Nikki said...

i also have 2 tix to the XTU concert; i can't decide if I'm going or not. my boss is having a bbq at his house during the day, but i was considering going to the second half of the concerts tomorrow night. is anyone else interested?

Nicole said...

I have it in my purse Miranda! :)

Jim Curran said...

I like Doug;s idea. I sucked today and if I didn't know what was after, I would probably be better off. It was hot, I am still sweating!

Laura Pappas said...

Not sure if this is too late - I'd like a girls shirt in Small please (if I can get on the order list).