Daytime Dan.
Who is that Dan guy anyway?
Well here he is...Dan frequents our afternoon classes and usually posts a score that leaves the evening classes talking. Keep up the strong work Dan! Especially on that 175 # Power Clean.

W.O.D. 6.10.09
Class Differentiation.

Surprise Class

Agility Ladder Warm Up
Power Cleans

Power Clean 3/4 body weight
KB swings (35/55)
Box Jumps (21"/25")

Because everyone loves Dutch...
Dutch Lowy ... [wmv] [mov]

"It is of interest to note that throughout history, the rise and fall of nations has seemed to coincide with the rise and fall of the physical stamina of their people. Greece rose to the height of her glory (leaving her indelible mark upon the world) during that period when the physical vigor, the patriotic zeal, the independence and freedom of her people were at their height. Athletic professionalism for the few and a lack of strenuous participation among the many brought about a decline in the national physical stamina and a consequent decline in the power of Greece. The same may be said of great Roman Empire and of Egypt. History indicates, too, that a decadent nation realizes the costly blunder it has made only after defeat at the hands of a physically superior enemy. A period of reorganization follows and attempts are made to imbue the nation with the need of physical improvement."-"Gymnastics and Tumbling," Aviation Training Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, U.S. Navy, 1944.

Power Clean Results:
Dan 175 x3
Joe D. 165 x3
Dave 135 x3 (hang power clean)
Kelly 75 x1
Lisa 130 x1
Ray 195 x3

5:15 WOD Results:
Aimee 90# 10:16
Mike M. 135# 10:31
Sam 135# 11:08
Jason W. 135# 11:17
Meg 45# 11:32
Jon 95# 12:04
Laura 65# 12:18
Miranda 80# 13:50
Mike B. 135# 13:56
Kit 140# (70KB) 14:31


Miranda said...

Does anyone know if you can rent the rent the, "Every Second Counts" at Blockbuster? Or if anyone has a copy, can I rent it form them. you can totally charge me a late fee, if i return it late ;-)

Nicole said...

I have it Miranda. I can bring it tonight. :)

Jason Lyons said...

i must say that i was pretty disappointed with the movie. i def would not watch it again

Miranda said...

Yeah, thanks Nicole! Hey good job last night, told you, you could rock it with the 55lbs! You strong like bull!

JZuck said...

Nicole, can I borrow it after Miranda?? I would like to check it out.

Joe A said...

I have a copy of it too if anyone wants it

Aimee Lyons said...

we have a copy too if anyone want to borrow it....I will bring it to the gym tonight.

JZuck said...

Thanks Aimee. I will take it with me tonight after class if that is ok, I will return it Friday. Thanks!

Jason Lyons said...

nice job dave. it took me way more than a month to get to a 135 pound hang power clean. good work.

Aimee Lyons said...

jas-your pr on the board is still 135 for HPC, so Dave was pretty pumped.

other standouts for the 12:00PM class, Ray with a solid 195 PR, Kelly first attempt at Power Cleans at 75 x1, Lisa with 130 x1...next time all three Lisa!

Jason Lyons said...

yeah i know. i think 135 is a huge number. i think i can MAYBE get 155 from a hang and i think my HPC is only 175 or something. ray's number is HUGELY impressive as well. way to throw the weight around guys!

Mike said...

more warm ups like the 5:15 class today!

Aimee Lyons said...

Mike-so you can leave more welts on my body...stop reminiscing of your water polo days!!!

Kit-way to take that 70# KB for the team!

Kit said...

Someone had get Sam to stop complaining about not having enough 55 #KBs.

It was light weight anyway.

Mike, I agree. Run the bases (aka Pickle) was a good warmup. Next time we'll all just throw at Aimee and have her run around the gym.

Jason Lyons said...

variety is the spice of life. a warm-up should loosen the joints and combine a few of the following:

opening of the hip
closing of the hip
monostructural activity

a burpee combines a opening and closing of the hip and a push and the running was monostructural.

so, the warm-up, albeit childish got everyone loose and sweaty so it accomplished its goal in a non conformist manner.

Miranda said...

Hey Jason~ I wish I could have used 80 the entire WOD, but I dropped to 75....

And yes, the warm up yesterday was so much, we should definitely play more games!

Curin said...

Did I miss a ball throwing exercise warm up at the box yesterday? i think it was better for the clock if i missed it :)....see you all on Saturday and possibly Friday if the graduation i am set to attend gets moved inside!

Jason Lyons said...


i dropped you to 70 for the WOD. for the number of reps that you were doing, i think it was the right decision.

Aimee Lyons said...

Curin-the penalty for hitting the clock now is 1,000 burpees....hummmm

Miranda said...

Ok, cool didn't realize that. Thanks for helping me last night.
Next time I will do 75! I have to get stronger some how....

Curin said...

if 1,000 burpees is the punishment for hitting the clock you can bet that i will NEVER do that again! i hate 1 burpee let alone 1,000 of them suckers!

Laura Pappas said...

Are we posting the new max plank record :)

Jason Lyons said...

max planck.....lol

get it?