W.O.D. 6.29.09
A version of
Kalsu from CrossFit Football

On the minute:
Complete 5 burpees and perform max rep 95/135 lbs thrusters on the minute.
The goal is to complete 50 total thrusters.

*At the beginning of every minute perform 5 burpees, for the rest of the minute perform as many thrusters as you can during that minute. At the beginning of the next minute perform 5 burpees and then max rep thrusters and so on until you reach 50 total thrusters.

Your score is the total number minutes it took to complete all 50 Thrusters.
Scale weight accordingly.

Check out:
Our CrossFit Kids who were featured on the CrossFit Kids page yesterday!!!!
Reminder- Our CrossFit kids class is on Tuesday at 4:45PM and Sunday at 11:00AM the cost is $15 per CFKid, all ages are welcome!

"Grace" by Keegan, CrossFit Kids - video [wmv] [mov]

Tanya Wagner - workout... [wmv] [mov]

CrossFit Apex: Josh Wagner, 2009 CrossFit Games Qualifier - video [wmv] [mov]

"Not failure, but low aim, is crime."
-James Russel Lowell

50 Thrusters

Dan 115 16:51
Tom 75 14:50
Joe A. 135 31:36
Dave 50 14:42
Jason 135 17:47
Jon 95 25:51
Steph 30/45 21:59
Paul 135 19:51
Tim P. 135/115 22:57
Miranda 85 30:59
Laura 80/75 22:52
Jim C. 115 18:41
Patti 40 13:56
Kelly 40 16:49
Mike F. 22:44
Jef 95 21:48
Kristin 15 13:01
Nicole 65 15:54
Chris 95 16:30
Cindy 40 16:53
Meg 45 7:37
Liz 40 10:49
Jill 45 9:12

100 Thrusters
Jen S. 45 17:47
Aimee 95 32:56
Sam 135 37:57


Appalachian Athlete said...

Whoa. Even at half the reps, Kalsu looks like an absolute killer. For those folks that love thrusters, enjoy. Me, well I guess this is what I get for missing some Cindy sprints yesterday.

But, um, so, can I ask if the Level 2 WOD is the full-on 100 reps? Yikes!

Aimee Lyons said...

Level 2 is not the full 100 reps, but Doug you will be pleasantly surprised with the Level 2 WOD, I promise...Actually, Sam and I attempted the full 100 reps yesterday. I used 95# and it took me 32:56, Sam used 135# and it took him about 37:57...For this one you need the same mental strength you do for Eva and Linda...

Hannah said...

missing thrusters tonight. :( 100 thrusters sounds like heaven compared to 150 pullups and 2.5 mi run. have fun tonight!

tanya's 135lbs cleans are impressive. whoa baby.

nicole said...

I'm scared. After a weekend of getting home at 3:30am and late night pizza both Friday and Saturday night, I guess I need this.

Mike said...

considering thrusters...is one allowed to power clean-front squat-push jerk...seems like it's extra work but I'm thinking at heavier weights its not always possible to press the end of the thruster. Just wondering if it's considered the same motion as the thruster, thoughts?

Jason Lyons said...

i would say no. i don't think that anyone is going to be the judge but yourself but i think the workout is designed to be brutal on you. if you did it your way, it is just a glorified grace in a way. i think the whole point is that there will be some rounds where you get 2 or 1. thursters will suck but when you have muscle fatigue and cant get it above your head, you just may have to do burpees and then break and then do burpees and break until you get some umph back.

Mike said...

I agree with you on the glorified grace part but outside of this wod are you saying a thruster has to be a continuous motion, no stopping from when you are at the bottom of the squat to full extension overhead?

Jason Lyons said...

yes, a thurster is one continuous motion, if not, you are doing a front squat and a shoulder press. you really want to use the momentum from your explosion to throw the bar overhead.

however, in saying that, when practicing your thursters, you want to practice front squats. i.e. elbows pushing up as far as your body will allow, knees tracing over toes, lumbar maintained, chest tall, hip crease below knee crease. you are using your strong leg muscles to explode off of the ground giving your bar momentum so that when your hips come to full extension, you bar is already traveling above your shoulders. i think in an ideal situation, you are using your arms way less than your legs. i think it is one of the reasons that i can actually do thursters pretty decently. i am way weak upper body but much stronger in the legs.

re-reading your post. i think that if you do a front squat and a shoulder press that it is still considered a thruster but i do not think you would want to do that since you are losing all of your momemtum and you are using your arms a LOT more. if you do a front squat and then a push press, not a thruster, if you do a front squat and a jerk, not a thurster. you may convince people that a front squat and a shoulder press is a slow motion thruster but again, it would be dumb.

Mike F said...

It was definitely a bear today. Jason is right and I wish I would have listened to Aimee more about making the thruster one continuous motion. I had planned on that but but by the time I got to my 30th thruster my mind went numb and I started putting the weight in rack position. Thanks to Jim C. for keeping me focused and making sure I did the proper form. When I focused on making it one motion it was a lot easier. The burpies really took a toll on me. For me they were worse than the thrusters. By the end they really took a lot our of me. Aimee and Sam are animals for doing the full 100.

Tim P said...

I'll be the 2nd then to post that this wrkt was indeed a bear- a very big grizzly kind. I weigh 167 and the 135lbs for me was a little more than I could chew after 34 reps. The burpees were not really a problem that contributed. Again, like Jason said, using the legs to get the weight moving upward was key and proved sucessful- for a little bit or at least until it got blurry. Way to stick it through- I saw some athletes faces today that would probably agree this was a tougher one that we've done in awhile.
Paul- I know maybe only Jason and I saw you completely flip out early in the workout once you realized how focussed you would have to be to get through this, but great effort finishing your last set (5reps straight) and completing the wod RX'd.

Laura Pappas said...

Wow - those of you that did 100 reps with the heavy weight, I'm seriously impressed. I'm SORE today after 50 and scaled the weight. Planning on running the loop at Valley Forge, those hills are going to be murder on my sore quads!