Check out our NICE Racks...
Nice front Squat HOT WHEELS!!!
W.O.D. 6.13.09
Front Squat
Max Pull-ups

*Get excited, we now have 4 Squat Racks.


"Advice is like castor oil, easy enough to give but dreadful uneasy to take."

Results: FS#/Max PU
Sam 225/17
Mike F. 245/8
Hannah 150 x1/3
Hot Wheels 205 x1/5 (no band!!!)
Jeff 170/12
Cindy 135 x2/3 Green
Scott 195/30
Curin 125/15 Black
Kristen 125x1/15 Green
Mike B. 235/10
Jill 125 x1/5 blue
Meighan 105/10 blue
Joe A. 275x1/9 deadhang PU
Nicole 135 x1/3 dental floss
Jen C. 125 x1/14
Swine 175/24


Jason W said...

I am now an non virgin of blogging... way to go me!!! Nice Rack!! Sore from yesterdays lunch time massacre... www.ihateamieelyons.com

Not sure if it added or took off some yrs to my life.. any one concur??

Jason W said...

ooppss.. www.ihateaimeelyons.com

long day!!!

Joe A said...

I got some ideas for the t shirt for the dudes

Crossfit kop...beach muscles don't cut it here

Curls are for mirrors real men do power cleans

Crossfit KoP - Caution heavy stuff overhead

Crossfit KoP - We don't use machines we become machines

Because Pushing, Pulling, Pressing, Jumping, Running, is in our DNA

Ray said...

Very nice racks and gravity defying as well!

Awesome form on that squat Jim.

Ray said...

Did this at home:

4 Rounds:

25 Squats w/ 35# KB (Alternate L/R)
25 Push Ups
25 Renegade Rows w/ 20# DB's
25 Sit Ups

Time: 26 minutes

The renegade rows were a killer at the end. Great core and upper back exercise.

Aimee Lyons said...

Jason- I think that domain might still be available????