Jen and Paul trying to Muscle up.

W.O.D 6.4.09
Gymnastics Fun...a skill day.
We will work on the following:
Muscle Up
Kipping Pull Up
Hand Stand Push Up
Ring Dip
Rope Climb


Our Happy Hour at Kildares in King of Prussia is tonight from 6-8PM!!
Appetizers and drinks are 1/2 price...ALL are welcome! Jill, I know your excited!

Funny Kid's Quote:
Our quote tonight comes from M.J. Curran. Most of you know Jim and Jen, better known on the blog as Hot Wheels and Granny; they are both a dynamic part of CFKoP and are often seen passing off the kids in the parking lot between classes. CrossFit dedication at it's finest! They have two beautiful children M.J. and John. M.J. has taken our CF Kids class and has only ever seen me in the gym; I'm better know to her as Ms. Aimee. Recently, M.J., John and Jen stopped by our new Condo and tonight as the Curran's sat down to dinner, M.J. said "Guess what Dad?? Ms. Aimee is moving into a new house so she doesn't have to live at that gym anymore."

Jim and Jen, keep up the hard work!!!


Nicole said...

HAHAHA thats too cute!!!

jen said...

awwww, too cute, thank you aimee!~ spoke with jim and we'll get back to you asap for saturday's workout... we'll be doing something

Miranda said...

Wait, you don't live there???? Ha, love it, too cute!

Jill said...

YESSSSSSSSSS! I heart happy hour!

Nicole said...

I bought a speed rope last night. DU's here I come!!

Aimee Lyons said...

I sure feel like I live there, I think MJ is on to something.

Nicole-I can't wait to witness the Double Unders....did you get the Buddy Lee rope? Maybe if you have the rope you will be able to jump like him??