Danielle, great form. Look at those elbows!

W.O.D. 6.3.09
Push Press
Push Jerk

"Proteins with a Soul and a Face" by Robb Wolf - video [wmv] [mov]

Who doesn't love Chuck Norris?
Well, you just have to see the "Chuck Norris Rope Climb" by CrossFit Regina's Angdesj: Video.

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
-Conrad Hilton

Results (Push Press/Push Jerk):
Danielle 75 x3 105 x3
Lisa 95 x3 105 x3
Joe A. 225 x1/185 x3
Sam 165 x3/135 x3
Meighan 65 x3/75 x3
Aimee 115 x1/115 x3
Jon 115 x2/120 x2
Jill 80 x3/80 x3
Nikki 95 x 3/100 x3
Jason 175 x2/200 x1
Miranda 105 x2/ 100 x3
Nicole 100 x1/100 x3
Mike B. 205 x3/195 x3
Hannah 125 x2/130 x2
Mike F. 200 x3/200x3
Jim C. 185 x3/185 x3
Chris 185 x3/195 x1
Kelly 55 x3/ 55 x3
Ray 155 x3/165 x2
Dave 135 x2/115 x3


Joe A said...

Chuck Norris does not kip, the bar simply lowers itself to his chest.

Chuck Norris actually invented crossfit but Glassman watered it down for normal humans.

sorry I couldn't resist

Kit said...

i see new t-shirts in the background of that last photo posted...

Colorado has been quite the gut check in the two days i've been here. Altitude is no joke. CrossFit at altitude feels like your doing the workout with a snorkel in your mouth with a pin prick for an air way. I Found a nice baby CrossFit gym which is about to get their affiliate in the coming week to supplement my training out here. They're a fun and friendly group, and they're learning how to push each other everyday. I think you guys have that down.


Hope all is well at home.

Jack Bauer. Enough said, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hanna
Are you still interested in the leather coutch love seat and ottaman? Give me a call 484-300-6188 or Scoty176@aol.com Im looking for about $600-$700 for it all


Ray said...

After reading "Proteins with a Soul and a Face" and after performing today's strength WOD, a weird thing happened. I was driving through Valley Forge Park, and I saw a beautiful deer. Suddenly, I was overcome by the sudden instinctive urge to spear and butcher the lovely creature with my Marine Corps K-Bar and roast it over an open fire right there.

Is that normal?

Meighan said...

You should have. We could serve it Saturday. :)

Aimee Lyons said...

Get some Ray!!! We need food for Sat!!!