Starting to work on that "Angry Gorilla" set-up...

W.O.D. 6.19.09
W.O.D #2 from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Qualifier:
3 Rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts 275#/185#
50 Double unders

-by Jeff Tincher

"It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been before... to test your limits... to break through barriers."
-Anais Nin

Rx'd Results:
Mike M. 6:32
Aimee 7:00
Swine 7:14
Hannah 8:14
Jason 9:57
Tim M. 10:59
Mike B. 11:43
Kit-Rxd + 315# 8:24
Scale Results:
Brian 315 8:56
Doug 225 8:32
Nikki 105 6:37
Sam 135 7:29
Lisa 155 11:19
Mike F. 275 10:44
Ed 95 12:15
Liz 95 12:00
Joe A. 275 8:24
Ray 95 7:00
Laura 105 9:03
Dan 225 10:25
Kevin 155 5:52
Jill 135 5:55
Fergs 225 9:58
Dave 135 13:36
Jen S. 135 14:28
Nicole 155 10:18
Jon 200 9:21
Jeff 200 11:58
Meighan 105 7:52
Kelly G. 95 7:33
Chris 225-205 13:16


Ray said...

Did 13 Rounds of "Cindy" Thursday night. Not much by fire breather standards, but a new PR for me. My last attempt in March was 9, so I am feeling pretty good about that especially since I am working with a tweaked hammy. Squats were at half speed. I am not sure if that really mattered because the push ups became the primary constraint at the end.

Also worked in an easy 500 meter row and some rope assisted PNF stretches.

Aimee, if I make it at noon, can I work high rep deads at a lower weight and do some core and ring work instead of the posted WOD? I won't be ready to pull heavy for a couple of weeks at least.

And congrats on the Level 2 cert! Never a doubt here.

Aimee Lyons said...

Ray-Absolutely..see you at 12:00. And thanks, I was excited about passing the Level 2!!

Jason Lyons said...

Well, since she won't do it, I will do it for her....

For those that do not know, Aimee was missing the past two days because she was in New Jersey trying to become Level 2 certified. Level 2 is a MUCH bigger deal than Level 1. When you attend a Level 1 cert, you learn a lot and you become certified to teach the CF 9 fundamental movements. You come away with a lot of information to review and everyone gets a certificate. Level 2 is similar to getting called up to the major leagues. In Level 2, not everyone gets a certificate...in fact, nearly no one does as Level 2 has close to a 70% failure rate. When our friends at DelVal sent people to a cert, only 1 of 15 passed. At Aimee's cert, only 6 of 15 passed and some of those people may have taken the course more than once. I will miss a few here I am sure but you are actually observed and graded on how you teach. You need to have personality, you need to be able to see errors, you need to be able to correct errors, you need to be able to do the movements, you need to be able to teach the movements....you get the idea. So there are 8 people in your group and you need to coach them and coach them well. No rushing through, no being easy on someone...you need to be relentless to form and not be afraid to make an example of someone. The best part is that a lot of the people at the cert know what they are doing so in order to make it a little harder, the 3 coaches grading you tell you to mess up on purpose to see if the trainer picks up on the error.

Each coach grades you from 1-5, 1 being terrible and 5 being god-like. Aimee mentioned the one coach said he has only ever given two 5's in his coaching career. So 90 is the theoretical best you can do. 5 from everyone in all 6 categories. Well that will never happen so you hope to get 3's from everyone which gives you 54 points. 3 is considered above average.

Aimee beat all odds and passed on her first try with a 56. Furthermore, they ask people in the class who you would want to be your trainer and all said Aimee.

So, as you can tell, I am exceptionally proud of her and I am sure many others in the gym share my feelings. There are over 1000 CF boxes in the world now and if you figure, on average, 2 coaches at each box, that means at least 2000 people are level one certified and I am sure the actually number is MUCHHHHHHHH higher than that. I bet the number is closer to 10k people or more. Regardless, I think less than 300 are level 2 certed so basically Aimee rocks.

You go girl! I know you never make it about you but today I am hi-jacking this thread and making it about you. Congrats babe, love ya!

Mike F said...

Great Job Aimee! We are very lucky to have you as our coach. Your enthusiasm is a huge reason why Crossfit KOP has grown at such a huge rate. Why else would people walk into some of those WOD with a smile on their face? Your passion and enthusiasm is contagious. I did "Cindy" at school yesterday and one of the football coached came into the room an saw me working out. He asked about what I was doing and I went on a 10 minute description of Crossfit. His quote to me, "Wow, you are really enthusiastic about this." I would not be if it wasn't for the energy in the box every time I enter. It is nice that others are now seeing what we already know about our coach. Well deserved Aimee.

Laura Pappas said...

Wow Aimee - I didn't know the success rate was that low - but never doubted you wouldn't pass for a second. I agree that YOU have really made crossfit an integral part of my life, all my family and friends know that I crossfit. Just like Mike said, when I talk about it, I talk about it with enthusiasm. I think that crossfit is good, but having you as our trainer is what makes it great. You encorage all of us, and in return you're teaching us to encourage each other - making the box a competitive family where we all push ourselves & each other to do our best.
Thanks for being our trainer and supporting us and I'm looking forward to your help today at noon when I attempt deadlifts with proper form again :)

Curin said...

Congrats Aimee! you are such a an inspiration to all of us at the BOX and outside of the BOX! If it wasnt for you being the coach that you are, chances are that I would not want to stick with crossfit like I am (no offense Jason and Evan). You were right in calling crossfit an addiction because it is just that. For once in my life I feel like I fit in at a gym. You go tot he globo gym and see everyone in their cute little outfits prancing around hardly working out and then you come to the box and sweat your a$$ off and see everyone doing that same hard a$$ awesome workout that you are doing and you feel a sense of accomplishment and support. I may be the last to complete some workouts but without the encouragement of everyone else sometimes I really don't know if I would have made it. so to everyone i say thank you and i especially want to thank Aimee for being such a great coach because without you I do not know that I would stick to this the way i have :) I love crossfit so much that i pray for rainouts of my softball games and softball is my passion.....so maybe that makes crossfit my new passion!

Miranda said...

You make the box what it is. If it wasn't for your up beat personality, smile and ability to motivate others we wouldn't be here. Congrats and you will excel in anything that you put your heart into. Thanks for being the best coach!

Meighan said...

Aimee - it is because of you that I had the courage to come to a CrossFit class without knowing anyone. You might not have invented the program but you feed the addiction.

I have felt stronger and more confident about myself since I started. I have less moment of thinking rolls are hanging off my pants and more of "damn, I'm strong
" because of you and the family you have created.

I guess we should thank Jason for supporting you and be patient...

nicole said...

We made the affiliate blog on HQ. :)

Appalachian Athlete said...

Ah, Jeez, it's like a freakin' love-jamboree around here the last two days!

Ugh, I feel naseaus. And it's not from the DLs and DUs. Are we CFers or creepy, hand-holding, kumbaya singing do-gooders? Where's the anger? Where's the violence? The yelling? I'll admit I've contributed to this as much as anyone, but it stops here:

Aimee, you suck. Frankly, I think you got lucky. Your training methods are faulty, your enthusiasm nonexistent, and your personal appearance is unpresentable.

Nonetheless it's clear we're all proud. Myself included.

Jason Lyons said...


btw, if anyone looks on the affiliate blog, check out the picture. two things make me laugh

1) paul in the bottom left melting his face off yelling at some girl

2) me, in the top right, being the only person there drinking a beer.

good god man!

Jen S. said...

Is that CP he's yelling at??

Aimee - I heart you... and CrossFit KOP :)

Jeff said...

Paul is screaming at Jodi from CrossFit Apex, not CP. She was nice enough to cheer me on during my heat. Looks like most of the counters in the picture were from CrossFit KoP!

Kumbaya to you too Doug!

Kit said...

Doug, well said. When are the globo gym machines getting in? They come with the Level 2 cert right?

Nice work Aimee. You deserve every bit of it.

Appalachian Athlete said...

Just to be clear I did not Rx this WOD. I only used 225 lbs.

Joe did RX it, though, so I think he and I got switched somehow.

Aimee Lyons said...

Doug- whoops...all that love and kumbaya singing must be going to my head. I thought you did 275...Joe did the single under sub...

Hannah said...

mike b...impressive deadlifts tonight! great to see a newer member rxd a kick ass wod like that. the boys better watch out!

gone for a week of vaca! see everyone when we get back...i'll be checking up! keep working hard! :)