KOP Barbell at the American Open Series1

Congratulations to KOP Barbell! They had an awesome weekend at the American Open Series 1 in Columbus!

Some took the national stage for the first time, and all athletes hit a total (meaning they completed at least one successful attempt in each lift-most attempting technically proficient lifts at 95% or higher compared to their PRs).

Jeff went 4/6 with a 215kg (473lb) total and placed 5th for his weight class & age category. Bryan went 6/6 with a 150kg (330lb) total, PRing both lifts on the platform.
Tia went 4/6 with a 141kg (310lb) total, competing in a lighter weight class than before and hitting a PR clean on the platform.
Kris went 4/5 with a 120kg (264lb) total for her first time on a national stage.
Coach Dan went 3/6 with a 260kg (572lb) total, placing 14th in a stacked category.
Coach Michal went 4/6 with a 151kg (332lbs) total, which is a meet PR and qualifies her for Nationals in May.
Coach Rachel went 4/6 with a 188kg (414lb) total, going up a weight class and earning 3 silver medals (one each for the lift and total).

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