W.O.D. 2.2.19

Double Unders
between each set (and after the last 10) complete 15 burpees

Community Note: 
Classes today and tomorrow will be held in the Annex, 110 C DeKalb. Please meet and park there.

"Ambition is more than mere desire. It is desire plus incentive - determination - will to achieve the desire." 
- Herbert Armstrong


Justin Campanelli said...

Sam B: 1046 RX
Matt D: 10:43 DUA
Neil D: 11:44 DUa
Nikki M: 7:12 RX
Matt E: 10:11 RX
Jeff G: 10:50 DUA
Braden: 6:41 RX
Matt B: 10:23 RX
Sean S: 6:53 pull up
Manisha: 8:07 sit up
Colleen: 8:06 RX

Subhan: 12:34 30-20-20-20-10
Kate S: 12:24 40-30-20-10-10 attempts
May: 14:39 DUA
Missy: 14:17 12 dub total
Alex: 16:09 20-20-15-15-10
Steph C: 10:50 RX
Joe S: 6:27 RX
Mego: 7:31 Row wall ball
Dan Sam: 13:50 1/2 dubs

Aimee Lyons said...

Aimee 6:33 rx

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