Friday Night Lights FAQ

Lea is excited for the Open.. and you should be too! 

Friday Night Lights (and all Friday) FAQ: 19.1 

The work- out will be announced tonight at 8pm on games.crossfit.com 

The work- out will be the daily WOD for ALL classes tomorrow. 

Everyone completing the work- out will have a judge/ partner. You do not have to have one coming in, we will assign one. Please stick around and help judge if you are able. 

Friday Night Lights will start at 4pm. There will be no regular classes after the express. There will be designated heat times on the white board when you arrive Friday night. You may write your name under the time slot you want to do the work- out when you come in. There will be limited spaces per time. All will be judged as well with official score sheets. There will be no official warm- up during the rolling heat times. Make sure you understand the standards of the movements and the coaches will also be around to assist. 

Submit your score onto the games.crossfit.com website before Monday at 8pm. 
Wear your team shirt or colors, bring something to drink or eat if you'd like, and get ready for a fun night of fitness!

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