Team Cupcake!
9:30 crew...
...and the kids.
Cupcake eating contest!
Cargo net fun!
St. Valentines Day Massacre

Each partner must share the work load and complete a portion of the below while the other partner continually holds a bumper plate over head. (Ladies#25/Gentlemen#45). We will scale the load overhead if necessary. If the bumper plate touches the ground at any time, each partner must complete 50 burpees. The bumper plate cannot rest on any object or body part, it must be held over head. Exercises can be completed in any order.

50 Wallballs (14/20#)
75 Kettelbell swings (35/55#)
100 Push Ups
150 Sit-Ups
200 Squats
800 M Run*
*I'm not sure what the snow situation will be but we will modify with a Row if necessary.

(compare to (2.17.13) or 2.14.12 or 2.13.11 or 2.13.10 or 2.14.09 or 6.24.09)

Feel FREE to bring your significant other, partner, friend, child, relative or enemy...to give CrossFit a try. Even if you don't come with a partner, You will be paired up with someone. We will scale this based on level and ability for new comers. This is a FREE class for first timers who come with a current CFKoP member!!

Community Notes:
All weekend classes (2.15 and 2.16) will be held in the Annex 110C DeKalb. There will be NO CFKids at 10AM on Saturday.

"A man can get discouraged many times but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else and stops trying."
-John Burroughs


Stephanie Vincent said...

6am and 7am Classes are on!

Aimee Lyons said...

Luke S/Balmer 30:28 scaled

Mark C :)

Aimee/Cate - 24:20 Rx + 45#
Barb/Jackie - 24:28 scale
Nicole/Lauren - 26:26 scale
Diane/Susan - 27:37 scale
Rich/Fran 28:10 scale

Unknown said...

Big thanks to Balmer and Steph. Couldn't have made it through this wod without you two pushing me and, of course, Balmer picking up my slack.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Ronnie & pam 25:16
StephC,Annen Fayth 23:54
Roni & Gina 26:13

Paul S said...

Alona/Regi 24:28 scale PU
Marci/Anne 28:30 scale
Rebecca/Liza/Patrick 21:27 scale
Brandon/Lindsey 24:25 scale
Joe/Tiff 33:10 RX + #45/#35
Jill/Erika/Brian 25:11 scale
Jill C/Jess C 23:12 scale
Samson/Derreck 35:15 scale

Thanks for dropping in Joe and Tiffany! Burpees killed some people tonight.

Stephanie Vincent said...


I didn't grab a picture of your scores! Sorry.

Brandon & Lindsey

Patrick, Liza & Rebecca