Mark H.
 Jen S.
Joe C.
Laura--30 weeks!

In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:
4 minutes of clean and jerks, 95/135 lb.
4 minutes of rowing
4 minutes of deadlifts, 95/135 lb.

Your score is the sum of clean and jerk reps, rowing calories and deadlift reps.

Community Notes:
Coach P is offering his Clean and Jerk Clinic on March 30th from 12-3, Click here to register today, spots are limited.

Need a quick "Paleo" dessert recipe, I dug this one up from the archives. Click here for the fudge baby recipe.

"Not every difficult and dangerous thing is suitable for training, but only that which is conducive to success in achieving the object of our effort."


Unknown said...

Florence & The Machine – Dog Days Are Over

Jason Lyons said...

gIna: 172 (65#)
Ellie: 140ish (65#)
Ryan: 221 Rx
Becca 126 (60#)

gIna: Super push at the end not putting the deadlift down for over a minute. Also, the most carlories rowed of the ladies

Ellie: Great job not pressing out any of your jerks. A superb improvement.

Ryan: Good effort today. No BCAA drink for 12 minutes. Remember that the next time you reach for it.

Becca: I didn't see you take one break which is great. When you dropped the bar, you picked it right back up and were able to fix mid wod how early you were bending your arms. Good job.

Felt good to be back at the 6am. We will see how happy I am when Gav doesnt sleep through the night. ;)

Tim P said...

Kurt M 169 (115#)
Joe D 148 (115#)
Dan H 149 Rx

Chris P. said...

when you click on the CJ clinic link, that picture is of coach Paul before he was coach Paul. Proof that he once split jerk.

Paul S said...

Haha old school Paul. #CrossfitPaul

Aimee Lyons said...

Nick Z 132 95/135#
Susan 141 85#
Jen S 140 Rx
Dianne 130 35#
Jill 142 53/33#
Nicole 148 55#
Mark H 95/135#
Gigi 147 25#

Audrey 104 45#
Pam 133 75#
Lisa 109 95#

Aimee Lyons said...

Travis 182 135# cleans
Olan 135 Rx
Regi 140 63#
Joe G 123 Rx
Laura 138 Rx
Carmen 108 75/53
Eddie 130 35/83

Travis said...

55 minutes left before I find out what will have me gasping for air on Saturday

Tim P said...

King 48 Rx
Tim H 142(95)
Joe P 129 (95)
Alona 165 (65)
Shawna 109 (sc)
Flounder 129 (115)
Jeff B 151 Rx

Aimee Lyons said...

Travis. Good thing you have been working on the DU.

Travis said...

I thought of you right away Aimee. I stand a good chance at this with the few tips and the push you gave me. I may not hit 373 but I know I can get past 30.
Thanks again!