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Double Dutch!

 Welcome to Audrey!

Flight Simulator


Turkish Get-up

Coaches Notes:
The Flight Simulator is a workout that challenges you in many ways.  To complete this workout as prescribed, each set of double unders must be strung.  This means you must complete that many in a row without stopping.  After each set, you MUST break.  For example, you cannot do 30 straight and then perform 20 as your next set.  You must do 5, stop, 10 stop, etc...however, you control how long you stop.  If you fail any set, you must start that set over.  For example, if you trip on 49 of 50, you must redo the set of 50.  
The Turkish Get-up is a great exercise for strengthening your entire body.  We recommend treating this as a skill set and only go up in weight if you are comfortable with the movement and the coach verifies your technique.

The Open:
This is a worldwide competition where you can test your fitness and compare it to all the other CrossFitters across the world. Year one we had 64 participants, year two we had 84 participants, who's in for this year?

I know many athletes question...why do it? Why bother if I'm not going to qualify or help the team?  There are a lot of reasons to do it.

1. YOU earned the right to compete!
That’s right. Even if you are in week one of your CrossFit training life, you deserve this because you’ve made a commitment to yourself. You are a part of a global community, and this is the annual event that celebrates that reality. This event connects you to virtually every CrossFitter around the world, and enables an even greater level of community than you experience in our box day to day.

2. True benchmarks of your progress. 
If this is your first go around at The CrossFit Games Open, then you’re going see that each of the 5 workouts released will be rigidly scored by one of the coaches at your affiliate (CrossFit King of Prussia). This will be a clean, effective and true evaluation of where you are at right now with your fitness and the quality of your movements

When you’re following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.
– Shakti Gawain


Kathleen said...

I'd like to add to what Aimee said and say the energy in the gym is incredible during the open. You will find you can do so much more than you thought possible when you walked in the door.

Kathleen said...

I'm not signed up this year because the baby is due in less than 7 weeks but I will come to cheer whenever I can. Already looking forward to next year's open!

Unknown said...

Can we use a dog whistle for tine? My dog is sick of my voice?

Stephanie Vincent said...

study materials

Jason Lyons said...

To celebrate Sochi, I propose a cash out of AMRAP in 3 minutes of Russian KBS (70/55#).

Chris P. said...

more study material: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgx10XDKgOQ

Keith B said...


red box upper right corner "Log in/Sign up"

click it… I dare you!!

Travis said...

Dare accepted
Dare complete!

I hope the first workout isn't as hard as remembering my password.

Should be a blast!

Aimee Lyons said...

If I could "like" Travis's comment I would.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Morning classes did a 20 minute time cap.

Luke :), 35
Brian :) :)
Erika :), 35
Gina 24 (x3s ladder)cap, 25
King 50cap, 55
Ellie 1st 40 cap, 40
Roni 1st 35cap, 25

Nick 1st45cap, 70R
Jonathan 1st35cap
Joe C 1st 40cap, 44

I bullied poor Tropical Pete into doing a super flight simulator (ladder of 10s, to 100) He got to 70 in 5mins and worked on a set of 80 for the next 5m. took a 5 minute break and then did the regular flight simulator 20:49 Rx. Pete did at least 1000 double unders this am!

Kathleen said...

This WOD was made for Pete and Lam!

Paul S said...

Lauren G. :-) #25
Nicole 12 DU Cap #30
Al V. Work
Mark H. :-) #35
Nick M. :-) #25
Kara 5 Cap
Christ 12 Du #26
Barb 17 DU Cap
Fugo 6 DU Cap #20
Ronnie Singles
Susan 5 DU Cap
Rich 10 DU

Scores were a mess on the board, everyone worked hard and had fun. Double Dutch Bitches.

Chris P. said...

Round completed - Total # du's
5 - 5
10 - 15
15 - 30
20 - 50
25 - 75
30 - 105
35 - 140
40 - 180
45 - 225
50 - 275
45 - 320
40 - 360
35 - 395
30 - 425
25 - 450
20 - 470
15 - 485
10 - 490
5 - 500

Jason Lyons said...

Everyone needs to buy a jump rope and practice these things every day. Do 1 day one, 2 day two, etc... When you get to 30, you are the master. If I can go from a PR of 7 consectutive single unders in 2008 to completing this in 15 and change, EVERYONE can do it because I SUCKED at these things. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility

John M

Stephanie Vincent said...

Fuck yeah tom!!!

Chris P. said...

Peterson 11:51 up to 35's/55# L/R
Olan 20:00 up to 40 down to 20/70# L/R
Steph C 7:37 su/26# L/R
Mike L 15:35 up to 35 su/53# L/R

practice a few minutes every time you're in the box and you'll get those pesky dubs

prettylady1121 said...

This may be a silly question, but when are these held… Will there only be one day a week to do it together?

Stephanie Vincent said...

The Open workouts will be held on most if not all Saturdays, however there will be alternative times set up for judging to accommodate people who cannot make Saturdays.

Audrey :), 20
Rachel W 6 (1xDuladder)cap, 40
Pam 5mdu then x3SU to 120-Cap, 40
Jill 5mDu then x3Su to 105-cap, 25

Liza 5mSu then x3su to 75 cap, 20
Fab 1st25cap, 70L
Patrick 27 (3xduladder) Cap, 55

Aimee Lyons said...

Aimee 14:21
Cate 19:49