3 rounds for time of:
20 Burpees
15 GHD Sit ups
10 Overhead Squats (95/135#)

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.”
-Frank A. Clark

 Jen S overhead...
 12:00 Warm up!


Jason Lyons said...

I beat Carl. BOOM!

emilyyannabella said...

0600, great job this morning. Remember to keep working on your OHS technique!
King: 10:42 SC
Roni: 10:11 SC
Gina: 11:30 SC
Wax: 12:40 SC
Kathleen: 12:01 SC
Luke: 13:46 SC
Meg: 9:32 SC
Tracy: 14:20 SC

Unknown said...

Blogging for time with Jason. Love it. Mike, he has know favorite, but bear crawls are too easy for him, he walks on hind legs. As for pull ups, he can't, he doesn't have hands

emilyyannabella said...

9:30, amazing job! Such a fun group! Jenny, great to meet you!

Jenny: 9:47 SC
Lisa: 9:22 SC

Aimee Lyons said...

Dianne and Jonathan---we missed your scores on the board from the 9:30.

Keith 10:39 Rx
Aimee 8:24 Rx
Cate 9:11 Rx
Jen S 11:19 80#

Stephanie Vincent said...

Mark C 9:57 5FS@165#
Jill H 10:25 25#rom/GHDROM
Erika 11:17 65ROM

Paul S said...

Reminder for BBC people. There will be a roll call at the beginning of class. Please sign up for class if you are coming.

Chris P. said...

Regi 9:17 65# ab
Anne Br 11:25 40# ab
KT 10:30 Rx
Kate F 12:00 25# ab
Eddie 12:29 35/15 ab
Travis 11:48 sc
Justin R 11:34 sc

Rebecca 10:40 35# ab 33.5"
Kelsey 10:42 25# ab 33.5"
Nicole 10:35 25# ab 25.5"
Samson 12:24 115# 44"
Dave C 12:40 135/115 half reps on 3rd 38"
Tim H 15:03 45# 37.5"
Ditty 14:32 55#

Nice job everyone! we had some time, so both classes did a max box jump and a ton of people did better than they thought they would! Sorry 4:30, I didn't post your heights, but feel free to post to comments if you want it documented

Chris P. said...

4:30, I think I figured out your heights, but you can feel free to correct me:

Eddie 32"
Regi 38"
Anne Br: 21.5"
Justin R: 46"
Kate F: 34"

Unknown said...


Conn 10:49 SC
Brittany 10:55 SC
Derreck 11:09 SC

Jen S. said...

7:30pm Jeff & the ladies
Anne B 12:12 sc
Fayth 11:30 sc
Taryn 12:49 sc
Alona 12:27 sc
Jeff 10:22 sc
Steph C 11:55 sc

As a whole everyone gave max effort to maintain form and reach full ROM on their OHS - I am very proud!