Congrats to Diane for jumping on the board for "Isabel" with a 3:55
and congrats to Ryan for a 1:44 a new PR!
 Wax---setting up...
 KT...the extension
 cheering squad for Travis (circle of hell)!
 Mobility with McCann---can you touch your toes?

Work for 15 Minutes on Skill or a new 1RM Snatch.


for time:
30 Snatches (95/135#)

Community Notes:
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Have you met Coach Emily? She coaches our 6:00AM and 9:30AM on Wednesdays, take a look at what she has accomplished and make sure to get your gymnastics tips from her!

Emily grew up in a small town outside of State College, PA and participated in an assortment of sports as she grew up, yet she just really had a natural talent as a Gymnast, which she began at the age of 2, where her career as an intermediate athlete turned USAG Competitive Gymnast all throughout Grade School - High School and then as an NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Competitor until her Junior year of College. Emily is a PSU Graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, with a Dual emphasis in Business/Nutrition, she has been a part of the Fitness field since 2007 as a Personal Trainer working with a wide genre of Athletes (sports from Lacrosse to Tennis), Special populations (individuals post traumatic cardiac events, gastrointestinal surgeries/procedures, respiratory conditions, etc), to those just looking to improve their lives with making permanent lifestyle changes by working hard and getting in shape. Along with Personal Training, Emily has been a USAG Certified Gymnastics Coach since 2002/3 working with all ages. In addition to CFKoP Emily also works as a Gymnastics Coach at Philadelphia Gymnastics Center located in West Conshohocken PA. 

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. 
-Thomas Jefferson


Unknown said...

After Saturday, my dog and I have decided to move Paul up the ranks of best coaches! He gets two paws up!

Unknown said...

He is definitely top 13.

On another note Carl, we will be running 2-3 Dog Wods at the next open gym.. Winning dog will get a prize package, which includes being able to see 7 years old.
Hope you can make an appearance!!!?!

Travis said...

Can this just end?

Unknown said...

It's funny how far people will go behind a false identity.

Mike T. said...

6am - Snatch Addicts
Pat P. 4:58 95#
Brian H. 5:03 105#
Roni 4:20 70#
Gina S. 5:37 70#
Kathleen 2:36 35#
Luke 6:10 Rx
Justin R. 4:18 115#

Jason Lyons said...

I wish Jay E were back and healthy so I could watch him destroy this.

Chris P. said...

congrats Diane!

Unknown said...

Hey Carl, we should do a memorial wod for Harold Ramis at open gym. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats wodding together, mass hysteria? Egon would approve.

ak said...

Congrats Diane!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Diane!!

Paul S said...

Susan 3:05 #55
KT 5:29 RX
Wax 4:02 #115
Diane 3:55 RX
Ronnie 4:29 #55
Christ 2:57 #45
Kara 2:44 #45
Barb 2:37 #45
Jonathan 3:21 #75
Jackie 2:19 #65
Ryan 1:44 RX
Roman 3:18 #95
Marci 4:12 #25
Travis 3:46 #115 Squat Cleans
Josh Form

Congrats Wax on getting that Muscle Up Back!!!
KT with her FIRST ISABEL RX!!!
Diane with a 3:55 RX Getting on the Board!
Susan never being satisfied and working on that extension!
Ronnie punching hard and finishing her pull!
Christ/Kara having a bad week but still crushing the wod.
Barb finally feeling better and able to go overhead!
Jonathan... Well, Diane got you today.
Jackie has about as good of a snatch a pregnant woman can have... wait.... yeah i said it.
Ryan shaving off a ton of time on his already impressive isabel, first place is ours.. I can smell it.
Roman has the bloodlines of an elite weightlifter, dude moves well.
Marci and her 2nd time snatching ever, really figured out that pull. ASS UP!
Travis was in a circle of hell as he did 30 Squat cleans for time with us all yelling.
Josh is one of our teen olympic lifters, and he did well after his one month off from his meet.
I had too much redbull.

Unknown said...

Yea Paul!

Keith B said...


Manisha 2:47 35
Ditty 2:43 55
Jill 1:44 45
Ryan S 2:55 95
Josh P 3:54 85
Alona 4:18 65
Patrick 3:01 Rx PR
Shawna 3:44 45


John D 2:28 85(cleans)
Jeff 3:57 Rx
Derreck 3:43 Rx
Conn 2:46 95
Borden 2:03 95

Welcome to John D and Jeff from the 6:30. They both kicked ass and worked hard on their 1st and 3rd WODs respectively. Also, welcome to Josh from the 5:30. He dropped in a few times and decided that he wanted to be a full-time member. Great work tonight all around!

Travis said...

Wow Paul great write up. Thank you to everyone who formed the circle of hell! Without everyone cheering I would have changed bars or milked the clock. It had that "open" feeling! I also tried mobility with Tim and recommend that everyone give it a shot. It was fun, painful, and enjoyable.

Aimee Lyons said...

Awesome night all around. Some great energy from athletes and coaches.
Kudos to everyone...big successes!

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility

John M
Justin R

Believe it or not this stuff really DOES get less painful! Travis there was definitely an "Open" feeling in the gym this evening! For those of you that are on the fence or are new I suggest that you register, come out and see and FEEL what the CrossFit culture is all about!

Chris P. said...

proof that Paul IS the best coach

Miranda said...

Peter 5:17 125#
Joe 5:26 95#