Welcome to Chio! 


EMOM for 10 Minutes:
3 Deadlifts @ 85% of your 5 RM
5 Handstand Push-ups

What Makes a Great CrossFit Member? by Chris P.

Community Notes:

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The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.

– George Bernard Shaw


Tim P said...

Luke S 195
King 195
Roni 180
Peter 315
Klutch 335

Unknown said...

Paw stand push ups. Regionals are coming

Jason Lyons said...

1) Snowmageddon is cancelled...thank god
2) I love power, fun when you are candlelit but power is nice
3) I am sore
4) My child hates sleep
5) Looking forward to wine and cheopino.

Aimee Lyons said...

Keith 425
Susan 173
Jonathan 235
Diane 245

Jen S. said...

Noon - Joe & His Strong Ladies :)

Kathleen 135# Sumo
Audrey 75#
Chio 175#
Kate F 80#
Jill 125#
Ronnie 130#
Joe G 260#
Pam 165#

Great improvements on form today all around to everyone! Especially on focusing the use of your glutes and hammies as opposed to your quads and back.

Some good mobility today - get that lacrosse ball in your glutes and do some good mornings!

Unknown said...

No dogs allowed.

Tim P said...

Tim H 295
Shawna 140
Stasie 185
Mike Fr 215
Jen F 125
Stacy 135

Travis said...

1) work has been super busy
2) I love the deadlift
3) wish I never said the word dog on this blog
4) upper merion is a mess
5) 4 of my hospitals did not have power yesterday
6) batteries are very important
7) I love pizza combos, my go to snack when on the road
8) your brain is only as good as its weakest cell, I drink to kill off the weak links
9) 6 days off sucked, being back is great
10)I made it to 10

Aimee Lyons said...

Roman 300#
Regi 155#
Marci 73#
Travis 335#
Joy 200#

Jen S. said...

And congrats to Pam who got her first strung kipping pullups today! Wooohooo!!!! I'm so proud of you!