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Take 10 Minutes to find your Max Height Box Jump 

Front Squat
1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Score should be posted as each load indicated separately. 
for example:
Athlete A:335-275-345-225-355(fail)-200lbs(fail).
Athlete B:175-145-185-135-180-115lbs.

Cash out:
Birthday Bicep Curls for Diane!

Community Notes:
All classes today will be held at the Annex, 110 C Dekalb Street.

"There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do."
-Freya Stark


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

My dog suffers from incontinence during some wods. Diane, how do you handle it?

Unknown said...

Pack extra pants..perhaps carl u should be put down you're tired and lame

Unknown said...

He doesn't wear pant during a wod

Keith B said...


Kim 24" 95-75-100-60-105-45
Ken 37.5" 185-135-185-135-185-95
Regi 35.5" 100-75-100-65-100-55
Mike 36" 185-135-185-115-145-?
Jenna 30" 85-65-90-45-85-45


Pete 40" 205-185-205-155-205-115
Diane :-) 205-185-205-155-205-115
Rachel W 34.5" 145-115-145-95-145-75

Unknown said...

I had 10 pounds less for the 20 and 30 rep ...(145/105) ps that was brutal. :)

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Diane!!