Saturday 2/8 at both Sessions 9:00 and 10:00AM : Join us in honoring a Hero. 

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Marc Small, 29, of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, died on February 12, 2009, from wounds sustained when insurgents attacked his unit with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and small arms fire in Afghanistan. His fiancee Amanda Charney is a good friend to our member Pam Gulotta. Amanda started a non-profit charity set up in his name where their mission is to help children with speech and/or language disorders find their voice.  The organization has helped out over 200 hundred children across the USA.  For more information about the organization visit, www.smallstepsinspeech.org or for the WOD visit, http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/007687.html This will be a tough one but well worth the pain!

Three rounds for time of:
Row 1000 meters
50 Burpees
50 Box jumps, 24″ box
Run 800 meters

This workout can be scaled to level and ability and depending on the weather you can Row instead of Run!  There will be a small box set up at the gym today, if you could put a small donation, even a dollar or two, the Small Steps in Speech fund will be eternally grateful.

Good Luck to the Ladies (Jill, Allison K, Megs, K.Ditty, Aimee and Cate) competing in the Girls on Girls Throwdown at CrossFit Harmony today! Its going to be a GREAT event with some awesome competitors from the Tri-state area, stop in to see the event go down.  CrossFit Harmony is on the corner of WestChester Pike and Providence Road in Edgemont.

"Passion is the quickest to develop, and the quickest to fade. Intimacy develops more slowly, and commitment more gradually still."
– Robert Sternberg, American Psychologist and Psychometrician


Mike P said...

. . . been a long time . . . see y'all's tomorrow morning.

Jason Lyons said...

Wish I could be there for this . I will make it up

Unknown said...

I have a vagina.

Paul S said...


Unknown said...

My dog and I Salute our troops! He wanted to serve but couldn't pass the height requirement.

Unknown said...

Cool story Carl.... Not.

Bill h said...

Cool. John learned how to mix lame sayings from different decades. Keep sharing

Paul S said...

Kim G. 61:55 20"
Mike P. 47:14 RX
Derreck 67:23 RX
Klutch 54:29 RX
Nicole 66:55 17"
Team LSKB 44:24 20"
Patrick 52:30 RX
Jenna 58:52 20"
Pam 53:43 RX
Melissa 32:27 20" 1/2

Travis said...

Not happy to admit it but I punked out, and by the look at these times not pissed I did. Great job to everyone that did any parts of this!