AMRAP in 10 Minutes:
3 WallBalls (14/20#) to (9/10ft)
3 Burpees
6 WallBalls
6 Burpees
9 WallBalls
9 Burpees
12 WallBalls
12 Burpees
15 WallBalls
15 Burpees
18 WallBalls
18 Burpees
21 WallBalls
21 Burpees
...continue to increase each round until the 10 minutes have ended.

Your score will be the total Wallballs and Burpees.

Community Notes:
14.1 the first open WOD will be announced tomorrow -- it's time to get excited.  We will be hosting 14.1 on Saturday, starting at 9AM, you will be put in heats upon arrival. We hope to see you all there to workout and/or spectate! Any thoughts on what the first WOD will have in it? Want to know what Coach P's observations and predictions are click here to find out!!!

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-Ayn Rand


Chris P. said...

I would put today's workout up there for 14.1 possibilities ..:::shudders:::...

Unknown said...

working on a killer Dog wod mix for the open!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Erika 114rx
Luke s 106 rom
King 154 rx
Justin r 137 rx
Steve 98 sc
KT 171 rx
Tobin 171 rx
Kathleen 180 sc
Peter 168 Rx
Wax 131 Rx
Pat p 96 sc

emilyyannabella said...

Ya'll were great this morning! Dianna, it was a pleasure to coach you through your very first CrossFit workout!
Barb: 118 SC
Stacy: 114 RX
Dianna: 93 SC
Ronnie: 126 RX
Mark: 152 RX
Susan: 123 RX
Cate: 156 RX

I have so much fun coaching you guys. Thanks for coming in regardless of the crappy weather. Keep up the hard work!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Audrey 97 8#
Pam 156 rx

Unknown said...


Rye_Bread 163 RX
Travis 114 Sc/ROM
Joy 115 RX


Josh P 104 RX
Roman 141 RX
Regi 119 RX
Jill 135 SC #10
Bre 123 RX
Alona 120RX
Manisha 105 SC #10


Conn 120 ROM
Borden 126 ROM
Ditty 90 RX
Dan (KC) 158 RX
Curt (KC) 170 RX

Great work on this WOD everyone! Just like Chris said- this is a potential open workout. You guys really did an amazing job of continuously moving, taking short breaks and scaling.

Special welcome to Dan and Chris from Kansas City and putting up some legit numbers tonight! Thanks for dropping in guys

Jen S. said...

John D 75 14#rom
Fayth 120 12#
Anne 108 10#
Rachel 123 14# (most reps to 10'!)
Steph C 118 12#

Great job by everyone on maintaining intensity and consistency in manageable sets in this workout. I'm proud of each and everyone of you!
We worked on skill after the wod: deadhang pull ups and how to build the muscle needed to execute this movement efficiently and effectively.
Kudos to Steph - we've been working on pull ups consistently and she can finally do one without a band!
Thanks for making it out for coaching my last class at KOP :) It really meant a lot to me!