This was 11.1...do you recognize anyone?
What do you think of 14.1 Who's excited?
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See you on Saturday at 9:00AM for the start to the 2014 OPEN at CFKoP


3 Rounds for time of:
10 Pull-ups
5 Thrusters @ 70@ of your 1 RM

Double Under and Triple Under

"Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan."
-Tom Landry


Travis said...

No wall ball no burpee that's a double win

Jen S. said...

I did this word in the god awful heat in Florida at cross fit hardcore next to 2010 masters winner "the tigress".....I remember struggling with the snatch....I remember she kicked my ass....haha

Unknown said...

DMX - Get at me dog!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Kathleen 80pr, 3:59rr
Kim 90Pr, 3:28rr
Steve T Form, :)
Gina 100Pr, 4:30 DHBand
Roni 105PR, 4:56 DHBand
Erika 100PR, 5:15 DHBand
Brian H 165, 5:03 Bnd
Luke S 235(Record Board!), 5:45 Band

Peter 155, :-)

Congrats to Morning Luke who's thruster got him on the record board!!

Paul S said...

Jackie 105PR, 2:58
Diane 155PR, 3:16
Ryan S. 145PR, 2:30
Lauren G. 70, 3:18
Fran 50, 3:40
Nick Z. 165PR, 2:38
Rich P. 145PR, 4:09
Barb :-)
Kara 90, 3:37
Stacy 105PR, 3:35
Ronnie 85, 3:34
Fugo 80PR, 3:43

Congrats to Diane taking the top spot on the board easy. Lots of PRS today.

Wax said...

Nice job Skywalker (aka Luke) and Diane!

Unknown said...

I'm relatively new, but I don't recognize half the people in the picture. Can you name them?

Stephanie Vincent said...

pam 120pr, 6:21 Rx
Mark C 230FS(Pr), 4:51 FS

Audrey 78, 3:36 RR
Marci 63 3:41RR
Regi 110, :)

I had fun bullying all you ladies into lifting weights you didn't think you could!! :-))

Paul S said...

Jessie 85, 3:26
Josh 140PR, 4:48
Mike 155PR, 6:24
Manisha 60, 5:07
Jill 95PR, 4:26
B 120PR, 4:25
Steph C. 90, 4:50