4:30 Aftermath
With a 15 minute time limit, complete the following nine movements with as heavy a load as possible.

1. Deadlift
2. Clean and Jerk
3. Snatch
4. Back Squat
5. Push Jerk
6. Front Squat
7. Press
8. Thruster
9. Overhead Squat
Score is total completed
Coaching Tips:
Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level. You will have one bar and one rack in which to use to perform these movements. The only exception will be determined by the size of the class, in which case, a rack may be shared. There will have to be a strategy applied to what loads to attempt for each lifts, as well as how to place plates on the bar, as you will have to change out the plates yourself. You can have multiple attempts at each lift, but you need to be aware of the time limit at all times. So, choose your loads carefully and with much thought. Most of the hour will be spent warming up for this workout. The deadlift, back squat, snatch, front squat and overhead squat will probably require the most amount of time warming up.

Compare to 9.13.12 and 8.31.11

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-Herbert Hoover


Unknown said...

My Dog needed a big scale for this one. Definitely out for the dog wod massacre. Not having hands is a major drawback. Mactavish's score:180. Other dogs: bring it!

Miranda said...

7am results:
Peter 1715
Gina 965
Roni 955 pr'd her dead @ 215#!!!!

Great job by all this am!!

Mike T. said...

KT 1265
Wax 1855
Balmer 1555
Brian H. 1505
Erica 985
Steve Z. 695
Luke 1575

Paul S said...

Susan 965
Jill H. 715
Pam 1,105
Jonathan 1,410
Joy 965

Mike T. said...

Big shout out and congrats to Steve Z., KT, and Wax who all increased their lbs. from last time they attempted this wod. Way to go guys!!

Wax said...

Mike - thanks for your help today!

Aimee Lyons said...

King 1485
Fran 525
Marci 415
Audrey 625
Liza 700
Lauren 645

kudos to these athletes...especially Marci and Audrey who are super NEW to CrossFit...this is a tough WOD when you have NO clue where your numbers are at...

WW 1415
Tim H 1515
Justin R 1845
Taryn 995
Regi 1055

Unknown said...

5:30 mobility

John M
Justin R
Tim H

Keith B said...


Eddy form
Peterson 1625
Tracy 965
Kelly G 980
Klutch 1825


Stasie 575
Conn 1310
Borden 1795