AMRAP in 20 Minutes:
12 Box Jumps 20/24"
9 Hand Release Burpees
6 Squat Snatches 55/75#

Community Notes:
Remember it's bring a friend for FREE week. 

We looked at the weather forecast...and noticed there MIGHT be some bad weather in the morning, I will wake up at 5:00 AM and make the determination on if we will run the 6/7 AM classes.  Look for a post at that time.

Please remember to sign up in advance for classes, this helps the coaches prepare for class.  Note that some classes are capped, so signing up in advance insures there is ample room and coaching available. If you sign up and do not attend we will take you out of that class and you will not be charged. 

He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.
– Nietzsche


emilyyannabella said...

9:30 Where was everyone!?? Such a great workout this morning - And Mark got in an excellent solo session!
Mark: 7 rounds RX

Aimee Lyons said...

Barb 12 Min- 5 Rds PVS 20"
Kate Fr- 4.5 Rds 15#/17"
Rachael 6 Rds 35#

Unknown said...

Any ideas for dog muscle ups? Mine can't hold the rings

Unknown said...

I was thinking, who is the best coach? It has to be Plentus. Any thoughts?

Jason Lyons said...

P is very talented and a true assest to the coaching community. I believe that each of our coaches excels in their own style. What defines good? Is it technical proficiency, is it exposing the true potential of an athlete, is it a keen eye? Some of these things can be taught and some are completely open to opinion. A keen eye comes with years of coaching so those that have been doing it longer (P included) tend to be better, not always, but typically. Other things like motivation are athlete dependant and what motivates B is totally different from what motivates A. It is the reason we have a different coach picked a lot of the time for AOTM when the athlete actually chooses one.

Aim and I take great pride in our coaches. For those that do not know, we have a 50 hour intern period where a coach will evolve from a shadow to a demo to a warm-upper to a coach with help to running a full class. Aim and I also test our coaches and their ability to see and correct along with their ability to explain CrossFit and have a firm understanding of the principles such as scaling, time duration, etc. It is another behind the scenes activity that stems from having seminars that the athletes reap the benefits of without knowing. The quality of the product you offer is the most important thing about owning a gym and Aimee and I take it extremely seriously because we owe that to all of our members that make a conscious choice to be at our gym. Not every gym does this and it is something we are very proud of.

Jason Lyons said...

I also wanted to mention that our coaches are always striving to be better. If you feel that there is something that can be done better, in a contructive manner, please do not be hesitant to approach them or either myself or Aimee. If it is about either myself or Aimee, please do not be afraid to approach us. There is nothing wrong with having an open discussion for the benefit of the community so many of us are proud to be in.

Paul S said...

Carl, Who are you?

Unknown said...

It's Plentus' alias

Unknown said...

Paul is a cat guy. Stop hating!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure that I'm not the best coach but I do know that I can bake/cook/make the hell out of some Paleo food. Therefore Carl, I'm the winner hands down.

Unknown said...

Nope. It's Plentus!

Chris P. said...

Luke 6+20 65#
Brent 7+13 75# hang squat clean
Regi 8+2 45#
Nicole 7:20 35#
Lauren G 7+8 35#
LP 9+18 subbed kb for burpees
Erika 7+19 power

Jill C 5+23 35#
Anne Br 6 35#
Patrick 8 rom
Miranda 9+14 subbed db for snatch
KT 7+23 Rx
Jess S 5 35# power

Derreck 6+18 75# hang
Eddie 4 in 12:23 15#, 17in.
JenJen 7+16 Rx

Thank you Nicole for being my demo girl, you did great! Luke, for being so new, good job getting under that bar, just got to work on the squat depth. Jill, nice job progressing on the snatch and getting the bar in your hip. Congrats to Derreck for not cherry picking this WOD and facing the squat snatch. We realized that taking it from the hang was the way to go so he could focus on getting down in the squat. Same for Eddie, but this was his first class and did great!

Carl, obviously I'm not a great coach if I forget who you are! Coaching is a very hard thing to do once you're up front. I remember thinking it was so easy as a member, and then WHAM! I had no clue once I was handed the reins. Always striving to improve....

Mike T. said...

Carl, the dog stuff hasn't been funny for weeks. Even at its best, it was moderately amusing. Please come up with new material.

Jen S. said...

WW 6+12 HP's +. 6 air squats 55#
Rachel W 5+8 35# hang *might have lost count

Welcome back WW! IMO the middle of this movement - speed, power, and learning to fully open your hips is the most important and mist difficult part of the snatch. Proud of WW for concentrating on form - moving the best I've seen him move.
Rachel continued to improve on her snatch learning how to keep an active core through the whole movement.

Huge improvement on box jumps as well...stabilizing and keeping the chest tall.

Great job.... you guys all inspire and motivate me :)