W.O.D. 10.13.09
30 Dead-hang Pull-ups

5 Rounds for time of:
21 Double Unders
15 Deadlifts (135#/95#)
9 Ring Dips
1 Rope Climb

"The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already."
-John Buchan

Rx Results:
Dan 13:39
Swine 9:49
Scale Results:
Kelsey 21:42
Cate 22:43
Katie 23:21
Mike F. 23:33
Chris S. 25:44
Kara 13:30
Sam B. 14:40
JZ 15:35
Nikki 12:12
Nicole 13:39
Miranda 14:38
Kristin 17:40
Liz 17:50
Shawn 20:49
Jerry 21:15
Jeff 16:58
Han 13:39
Lisa 11:25


Miranda said...

Can we sub the rope climb if we can not succesfully climb?, Maybe do pullups or something?

Aimee Lyons said...

Miranda we will provide a sub the rope climb, not to worry!!

Jason Lyons said...


We can get you up that rope. You definitely have the strength, you need to just get better at the technique. There are many ways to climb a rope, one of the easiest ways is using your legs as they are more than likely stronger than your arms. When you climb using your legs, you only need to be able to hold yourself on the rope with your arms while you re-position your legs and stand up. One thing you can practice is just trying to hang from the rope with your arms and increase your time in doing so...similar to just hanging from the pull-up bar which I have seen you do multiple times. Once you can hang from the rope for say 10 seconds, you are climb the rope. We will get you there shortly.

1) Build confidence that you can support your weight when hanging from the rope

2) Practice standing on the rope and learning how to lock the rope in place with your feet

3) Practice the leg whip motion that re-positions the rope in your feet

4) Practice standing up again.

Repeat that and you have climbed the rope.

Megs said...

Knew I wasnt up to the box today so did this low weights:
3 Rounds
400m run
15 squat snatch (45lb)
15 box jumps
15 deadlift (95lb)

Jen S. said...

so...it was back to my makeshift pullup bar... :) so, since I wasn't kipping it was easier to pull up on the lat pull down bar. haha. so here is what i did:

ran 1 mile: 8:24

30 "hang pull ups"...i quote b/c although i did it, they would have been much more real and challenging on a real pull up bar

about 3 min

5 rounds:
21 tuck jumps
15 deadlifts - i used two 45# dumbbells...this took me a looong time..i found this harder than using the regular bars at the box
9 triceps dips off the bench
30 second "chin over the bar" hang from my trustee lat pull down...

27 min...i think this took me a long time b/c of the dumbells and lack of music :( i must say it's not easy to work out to CNN talking about executing an innocent guy accused of arsen...

then 50 sit ups.

miss you guys!!!

ps - aime...gotta love the ghetto pull up bar. haha. i wish you were there b/c i'm sure you could see the wheels turning in my head trying to figure out how to make the hotel gym into the box! haha

Jason Lyons said...

Just wanted to post for my record keeping as I use this instead of my paper sheet. :(

Aimee 2k row: 8:31
Jason 6k row: 25:23

On a side note for everyone. Rowing a lot makes your butt and elbows sore. A marathon is going to be extremely hard on joints more than anything else I think.

Another FYI, 21:45 is considered above average for work output on that CF Seattle sheet. That would be impressive to do.

Jason Lyons said...

I need to give mad props to several people as well.

Mike F, Chris S, Miranda, and Kelsey all made tremendous improvement on their rope climbing skills. I think they are all about 5 tries away from the top.

Chris P. said...
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Chris P. said...


rowing 100000 meters.

62.1 miles.

at a 1:54 pace.

I'd rather do 5 wolverines in a row. (and doing rough math, it's about the same amount of time)

Jason Lyons said...

i cannot even comprehend that. i was doing the math and my 500 split was 2:07. maintaining that for 42160 would be amazing...sub 2 for 100000 is unreal. i cant wait to watch this later.

Miranda said...

Thanks Jason! I am now determined to reach the top of that rope! I'll just keep practicing