Assistant Coach Pappas sends his regards and some pictures from CrossFit Asia located in Okinawa. He said they are growing so fast they had to knock out a wall to make more space. CrossFit is spreading across the world and turning into a universal language! !

W.O.D. 10.15.09
As many rounds as possible in 20 Minutes:
10 Turkish Get-ups (5R/5L)
10 Ring Push-ups
20 GHD Back-Extensions

Yoga with Jen Fugo tonight 6-7:30PM. $10 Members/$15 Non-Members.

Kids and Weightlifting
By Jeff Martin and Cyndi Rodi
CrossFit Kids Magazine February 2008

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
-Frederick Douglass

Sam 45# 6 Rds
Lisa 25# 5 Rds
Tom 35# 3 Rds
Jerry 10/25# 4 Rds
Cindy 15# 4 Rds
Ray 35# 3 Rds


Tim P said...

CrossFit Asia is awesome so far- I've done 2 WODS this week and it's interesting to interact with the language and kilogram weights as well. Space in Okinawa is very limited and jammed up, so the owner was fortunate to have a relation with the building owner and began to share the space last year. They were totally up to date with the articles that have swarmed across the CrossFit world causing such a stir, and were happy that it doesn't really effect them because the 60 or so members that they have so far really have no other box to be apart of on the island without flying 3 hours to the mainland and Toyko. Other than that, the scenery is very tropical and there are some great coastal ocean runs that smell of the pacific tsunami season!
I miss the team and have a great week, everyone try to make it out to the health expo this weekend too and support CFKoP as it's a great fitness fair to get the name out even more and share some kool-aid.

Ray said...

I hope you wore a Banzai headband brother!

Jeff said...

Tim, Hope you're having fun with your new Japanese friends!

San - ni - ichi - かいし!

Ray said...

Did a quick morning WOD while waiting to take Dana Rae uop to the bus:

2K Row: 8:51
3X10 R&L 35# KB Snatch

Couldn't seem to get the rower out of 2nd gear that early! Oh well, it still got the blood pumping and the calories burning.

Should be there for the Noon WOD. Love the TGU's.

Jason Lyons said...

care a wa pen desu

that is the extent of my japanese. it means this is a pen and i learned it in 10th grade watching some 4am special on some random 100+ cable tv show.

you should totally pull that one out at dinner tonight.

Laura Pappas said...

Did anyone else look at these pictures and think, geez they have a lot of GHD machines...
Its cool to think that even though none of us (except Jeff) can actually speak Japanese that you could walk into a box and still speak the same crossfit language.