A Week in Review:
Photo highlights from CrossFit KoP...

Megs, the first to drop for 10 Burpees...watch out for that fat talk!
2K Row wipes out the "boys"...Hot Wheels with a solid 7:13 on the Row!

Steve with a rocking 145# Deadlift x5
MJ keeping Jason company as he rows a 6K in 25:23
Welcome Cheri our out of town/local CrossFit visitor.


Chris P. said...
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Chris P. said...

Laura and I did a strength/mini-metcon at Villanova tonight

row 500m

Front Squats

75-85-95x1-90-95x2 (pr)
Chris P.
155-175-195-205-225 (pr)

3 rft:
row 250m
21 box jumps (18"/24")
15 dumbbell swings (35#/55#)
9 pushups

Laura - 9:59
Chris P. - 9:40

playing with pullups and bar muscle ups
Laura - 12 pullups (pr!) and an inch from c2b

Chris P. said...

also, if anyone is interested in taking a trip up to Hendrick's farm, K-Ditty, Laura, and I are going this Saturday either after the 12pm or 1pm wod. It takes about 30 min. each way to get there. (they have meats, cheeses, eggs, milk, yogurt...no fruits or veggies) We might also make a stop at the refrigerator (Deep Springs Farm) down the road from Hendrick's.

Let us know a.) if you want to go and b.) what wod you plan on going to.

Nikki said...

Chris - I may be interested in joining you guys! I've been wanting to see this place :) Probably will do the noon wod.

Miranda said...


I can not go with you, but if I give you or Kristen money after the WOD on Saturday could you grab me some meat?


Chris P. said...

you got it Miranda. Let me know what you're thinking, since even though price lists have meat priced by the pound, the actual units are more than just 1 lb. (except for ground beef, which are 1 pound packages for $4 each) Chickens are $3.50/lb at around 5 lbs, so it's about $15-$18 per chicken