Coach B's Oly Certification is fantastic...he has adopted me...and agreed to take Jason as well..haha!! Great times, can't wait to bring the knowledge back to the box!

W.O.D. 10.31.09

50 Med Ball Cleans
50 Push-ups
1 Suicide
40 Med Ball Cleans
40 Push-ups
1 Suicide
30 Med Ball Cleans
30 Push-ups
1 Suicide
20 Med Ball Cleans
20 Push-ups
1 Suicide
10 Med Ball Cleans
10 Push-ups
1 Suicide

Special Notes:
This weekend Jason and I have the honor of spending two full days with CrossFit Coach Mike Burgener learning, studying and practicing the Olympic lifts. We will be bringing back what we learn to you in the form of a special "Lyons Oly Class". The class will run for 8 weeks on Saturday at 10AM, the cost is $200, it will be limited to 10 participants. Dates will be 11/21, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, 12/19, 1/9, 1/16 and 1/23. In the class we will focus on how the snatch and clean & jerk bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance to your strength training. These lifts are indispensable to CrossFit programming and having extra coaching is a powerful advantage.

The bridge should be opening today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The best and fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion."
-Jean-Claude Killy

Nikki 25:46
JZ 26:17
Granny 23:41
Mike B 29:25
Chris 28:07
Nicole 26:51
Jim C 31:43
Joe A 35:44
Tom 31:32
John 26:07
Beth #10 28:52
Megs #18 24:29


Nicole said...

If anyone is bored, search 2 crossfitters and a chalk bucket on youtube. Its funny!!

Jeff said...

Posted it on my Facebook page already, it's hilarious.

Ray said...


Sign me up for the Oly sessions. Sounds like an awesome winter project to work on.

Joe A said...

Med ball cleans...uggh!

Megs said...

Lots of credit to the people who did Wolverine last night and then this WOD today!!

Swine said...

Great Job today way to push thru a tough movement and ut up some great times. Again it was an honor to coach each and everyone of you.

JZuck said...

Thanks for the coaching Paul! Good work!