MJ is helping us with the mats...while Timmy P. is in Japan!
(thanks to all the coaches who stayed after to help...and Granny)
Sunday CFKids...who is in "DL"?

Swine presents out newest CFKoP addition....a vending machine, stocked with Paleokits and Nuts!!!!


Swine said...

Check the mainsite photo for Montclair. Another one of our own is now a certified LVL 1 Crossfit Trainer. Congrats to Kit on getting his Lvl 1 cert. KoP is proud of you and now the boys at Quantico and FLA can now feel safe and secure that one of their own can now make them bigger, stronger and faster in preserving our freedom.

Jason Lyons said...


jen said...

we laughed so hard at the DL pic, too funny!!!