David Blaine stunt?
...oh, nope, just Daytime Dan hanging from the rings!

W.O.D. 10.8.09

DodgeBall warm-up
Max hold (chin above bar)
Max Double Unders, one attempt
500M Row Race, one attempt
Max Push-ups
Max Pull-ups
Max hold on the rings, upside down.
Max Handstand hold
Max L-sit
Max Plank

Community Updates:
Remember, tonight's Open Gym will run from 5PM-7PM, the cost is $10...all are welcome!

I have reviewed the nutrition journals...they will be passed on to Evan to review this weekend and we will announce the winner next Friday October 16th!

Halloween is right around the corner, we are still planning a dress up WOD and party for 10/30...keep thinking of ideas for costume, best costume will win a PRIZE!

The Veterans Debate ... [wmv] [mov]


“Time to nut up or shut up.”
-Woody Harrelson from the movie "Zombieland"

Results: in this order Jerry/Sam/Cindy/Todd/Dan/Kristen
Max hold (chin above bar) :38/:32/:14green/:22/1:01/:04
Max Double Unders, one attempt 12/15/27SU/14/25/13
500M Row Race, one attempt 1:48/1:33/1:56/1:31/1:29/1:57
Max Push-ups 47/33/25knees/27/30/25knees
Max Pull-ups 7/20/4green/11/30/5green
Max hold on the rings, upside down. 1:02/:18/:12/1:24/1:11/:33
Max Handstand hold :12/:23/:40/:21/:33/:24
Max L-sit :18/:21/NA/:01/:02/:01
Max Plank 1:31/2:06/1:04/1:10/:54/1:27


Curin said...

i never get to play dodgeball anymore :( we have more room in this box so i think i can be reinstated for dodgeball!

Aimee Lyons said...

Curin- I will reinstate you for dodgeball at the new box, but know if you knock that clock off the wall again it's 1,000 burpees...
haha! game on...might be a good warm up for the open gym??? Thoughts?

Joe A said...

Hey everyone I just bought grass fed beef and raw milk. For those who work near malvern the farmers market at Penn State Great Valley has some good stuff.

Evan said...

Where is that located in Great Valley Joe?? I pass there on m way home.

Joe A said...

Here's a link for it but its only from 11 - 2 every thursday till november.

If you come down 202 from west chester its off the exit for route 29 or malvern exit. Its basically on the parking lot on the left side as you enter.

30 E swedesford rd Malvern pa is the address


Chris P. said...

Joe how much did you get/cost?

If anyone wants the price list for Hendrick's farm in Telford, hit me up

Joe A said...

I bought the below

plastic case of raspberries $3
1lb grass feed beef $8
1 gallon raw milk $5

Pretty expensive now that I think about it.

but like I said before its on Thursday till November from 11 - 2 so probably not worth it if you don't work near there or pass by during the day.

Swine said...

Plentus talk to me tomorrow about the farm and stuff

Chris P. said...

milk sounds like a good deal. $7 up at hendricks for a gallon. ground beef is $4 though.

sounds good Swine.

Laura Pappas said...

Chris P - I'd be interested in the price list. Also if you and Kristin are going this weekend I would be up for tagging along. Just text me :)

Curin said...

i missed open gym. never ate lunch and didnt think it would be a good idea to crossfit on an empty or full stomach. i will NEVER hit that clock if that is the punishment :)