Can you find Kit?

W.O.D. 10.19.09
As Many Rounds as possible in 25 minutes:
15 kettlebell swings (must be unbroken) - 55# men/ 35# women
30 double-unders (must be unbroken)

Sub 60 unbroken single unders if double-unders are not possible.
The athlete will have to rest sufficiently to perform the next exercise unbroken, but not so much as to jeopardize the work output and thus final score.

Turkish Get-up
Perform 5 each side, working on form.

Community Notes:
Congratulations to Kit who completed his L1 CrossFit Certification at Guerrilla Fitness/CrossFit Montclair.

"There is nothing we cannot live down, rise above, and overcome."
- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Cate SU/35#/13 Rds
Kevin SU/35#/9 Rds
Kara SU/25#/12 Rds
Jim SU/55#/11 Rds
Aimee DU/45#/13 Rds
Swine DU/55#/18 Rds
Miranda SU/35#/8 Rds
Kristin SU/25#/13 Rds
Jen S DU/35#/1 Rd
Mike F SU/55#/8 Rds
Mike H SU/55#/11 Rds
Doreen SU/35#/11 Rds
Megs SU/35#/12 Rds
Nikki SU/35#/17 Rds
Liz DU/35#/6 Rds
Jason DU/55#/13 Rds
Nicole SU/25#/14 Rds
Chris S SU/55#/8 Rds
Jeff DU/55#/3 Rds
Steph 30SU/35#/7 Rds
Sam B DU/45#/8 Rds
Eric SU/35/12 Rds
Kerry SU/25/14 Rds
Rob SU/35/ 9 Rds
Jerry SU/35/45 15 Rds

Level 2 WOD:
"Party with the Girls"

Grace – 30 Clean and Jerks 95#/65#
Angie – 20 Pull Ups – 20 Push Ups – 20 Sit Ups – 20 Squats
Nancy – 400m Run - 15 OHS
Helen – 400 m Run – 21 KB Swings (53#/35#) – (21 Pullups) (should have been 12 Pull-ups but we did 21 Pullups)
Fran – 21 Thrusters 95#/65# – 21 Pullups
Diane – 21 Deadlifts 95#/65# - 21 HSPU
Elizabeth – 21 Squat Cleans 95#/65# - 21 Ring Dips
Isabelle – 30 Snatches 95#/65#

Sam 26:27 Rx
Aim 31:46 Rx
Swine 45:09 Rx
Han 42:05
Jas 34:29
Lis 40:ish


Nikki said...

Congrats Kit!!

Tim P said...

Kit- Congrats on the L1.

Did this WOD this morning (remember I am 13 hours ahead of you) with the 24kg kettlebell and a cool little guy named Yuko. I'm glad I jumped online to check out the blog so I had a much needed a** kicking kettlebell workout to do in the open gym day, or their "Rest day". CrossFit Asia is among many boxes that follow the main page programming. After warming up on the "track" which is a ramp leading all the way to the roof, and then taking another 10min to ask around (very interesting language barriers during the day class times) about what the 55lb equivalent is in the sea of kilogram'd kettlebells I got started.

25 minutes yielded me 9 total rounds, and I took a good 20sec rest in between rounds so as to gain efficiency to complete the 30 DUs. Anyone who has struggled with DU, needs to just practice practice practice them, and you will get them. Everytime you get to the box, grab a rope and get a couple minutes of jumping in. A few months ago I was double-ly under confused, and was soo frustrated, so that's what I did was use my personal rope every day and just got used to it.

Have a great week !

Evan said...

Congratulations Kit!

Chris P. said...

Carswell...Gilson...Spealler...nice Kit!

thanks for the update Tim!

Ray said...

OOOoooRah Kit!

Jeff said...

Congratulations Kit!

KDitty said...

Congrats Kit!

Miranda said...

Congrats Kit!

Anonymous said...

For todays WOD...When you stop do you keep trying that exersize until u can do so unbroken or do you start a new round?

Aimee Lyons said...

Yep Steph, if you stop that exercise, you keep starting back at rep one until you can string together 15 KB swings/30 DU (sub 60SU) in a row.

Jason Lyons said...

ohhhh, so if i mess up du's, i go back to kbs? awesome!

Aimee Lyons said...

Jason- No, just of that exercise. If you fail at KB swings, you go back to rep 1 of KB swings. If you fail in DU/SU you go back to rep one of that exercise.

Jason Lyons said...

okay, gotcha. thanks.

on another note, does anyone have an idea on a good score. i thought 15 would be possible but after seeing tim's number, i am second guessing myself. anyone have any insight on similar wods they may have seen?

also, my pick is for swine, han, or aim to rock this one.

Anonymous said...

Ok so what about modifying the number of SU? Unfortunalty it might take me the whole WOD to do 60 SU in a row, if i can at all ...thirty i think could be doable...would that be an appropriate modification for me?

Aimee Lyons said...

Steph- Absolutely! that would be a good modification.

Jason- Scores are posted from the AM classes.

Kit said...

Thanks guys! I highly suggest the L1 cert for everyone. It will make you a better athlete. Period.

So talk about constnatly varied, high intensity, functional movements, I had the distinct privledge of carrying a 30 lb radio, sapi plates, rifle, etc etc up and down a 400 yard live range essentially doing burpee's and sprints with all the gear "buddy rushing" through an objective. We would finish this with a 600m run back to the starting line and repeated this 4 times (30-40 min break in between...it takes about 15 minutes to execute each attack down the range). Essentially what I'm saying is CrossFit is everywhere and it does not care what you did the day before (like the requisite 2000 squats you do during the cert....just kidding, its no requisite, you just end up doing that many)

I'll see you guys soon! Maybe even guest coach a class......eeeks! I wont go too hard on you...

Laura Pappas said...

Wow that looked like a KILLER level 2 WOD. Great work all of you that made it through both WODs today. I did a nice run in VF Park before it gets too dark and cold, saw lots of leaves and lots of deer!

Nikki said...

Wow, that's quite a WOD!! Very impressive times from everyone who partied with the girls tonight!

Aimee Lyons said...

I'm giving a huge congrats and credit to all of you who stuck with the Double Unders!!! Jeff, Jen S, Sam B., Swine, Jason and Liz... Way to go! You will see the benefits of this the next time the DU's are in a WOD!

Swine, way to rock it! If you don't win that DU carnival game something is wrong. You rocked out 119 DUs the other day in warm up, I'm expecting 200!!!

Jason Lyons said...

i am protesting the non rx by my name. i did not scale anything, my range of motion may have suffered at some activities but so is life.

if you do hspu, not going all the way down is limited range of motion, however, going all the way down and kipping up is just as illegal in my mind. lol.


Jason Lyons said...

i also need to give props to a few people tonight

1) liz: mad props for getting to 29 and telling evan to erase the mark because it was not 30. my honor is dearer to me than my life and i respect you for being honest with yourself. congrats!

2) jeff: despite having the chance to go to single unders, you were determined to do double unders the entire way no matter what number you put on the board. i am impressed by your ability to say who cares about the number, practice = work and you stuck with it and that is commendable.

3) jen s: like jeff, you refused to switch to double unders and that is awesome. there is only one way to get better and that is trying and trying again. i am very impressed that you did not care what score you put up. you probably did more double unders than anyone tonight and practice makes perfect, awesome work!

4) sam b: you were struggling with du's in the beginning, getting 12 or 14 each time and then something just clicked and you strung the rest of them together for the entire workout. you represent what this workout was partially designed to do and you got it. you struggled through the du's in the beginning and you did not get discouraged when almost 6 minutes was up before you got your first round. Awesome work and I am glad that you mastered your du's. you will see a HUGE difference when you need to do them in a workout in the future.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say I am very proud of myself. i set my goal at 30 single others and then on the second round I decided to just go as far past 30 as I could. On consecutive rounds i got 51, 51, 57 and the last three i forget but all over 30 (but not quite as high!). So I didn't quite get 60, but now i know that i can (57 is 60 right?) and next time i will. Think i need to invest in a jump rope and practice at home! I am so anxious to RX on a WOD...I know it will come...that is my driving force!

Miranda said...

Target has Jump ropes for $2.96! They are the exact ropes we have at the box!
Stephanie, you did awesome last night girl! Way to push youself and meet your goal then surpass it.

Megs said...

Steph it was the magic rope we picked out!! he he he j/k. You did awesome!

Jason Lyons said...


you totally, without hesitation, did amazing last night. i was very proud and excited when you said you would do 30 and then tried everytime to get to 60. that rocked and that is exactly how you WILL get to 60 next time. hell, i bet you can do it today.

the one thing i noticed is that the rope is very short that you used. if you like it, by all means but you are taller than me and i hate that rope. i find it much easier with the blue handled dream rope. you should give her a whirl.

Anonymous said...

Thank u all! I will try the other rope, Jason, when you told me to listen to it hit the ground and then jump, i had to be real intentional to have it actually hit the ground, which makes me think it was not long enough.